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Who are we?

ENSIC is a top-ranking Chemical Engineering School which was founded in 1887 in Nancy, a city located in North-East of France. It is one of the 11 engineering schools of the Collegium Lorraine-INP, which belongs to the University of Lorraine (www.univ-lorraine.fr).

Since its foundation, ENSIC has trained the most efficient and skilled engineers in Chemical Engineering. The School is part of a Federation (Fédération Gay-Lussac = FGL), which gathers 19 French engineering schools specialized in chemistry and chemical engineering. 

ENSIC hosts two internationally renowned research laboratories:

  • the Reactions and Chemical Engineering Laboratory LRGP, and
  • the Macromolecular Physical Chemistry Laboratory LCPM


" Top-ranking Chemical Engineering School "

In 2017 ENSIC appears in the well-known Shanghai Ranking as the:

        - 48th best university in Chemical Engineering in the world !

        - 1st university in Chemical Engineering in France !






Where are we?

The school is located in the historic area of Nancy, in the heart of the city !

It is a five minute walk away from Stanislas Square and it is situated near Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg and only one hour and half from Paris by train (High Speed Train).

The School is close to all strategic and touristic places of the city and it stands in front of the city's largest park: La Pépinière

For more information about Nancy, visit this website: www.nancy-tourisme.fr.




ENSIC hosts two internationally renowned research laboratories specialized in:
Doctoral studies are managed by a doctoral school - RP2E: www.rp2e.univ-lorraine.fr

 LRGP Logo                                  LCPM Logo


Professional Network

Industrial Focus

ENSIC has a strong focus on industry !

Every year, more than 150 industrial companies trust us and:

  • they welcome our student-engineers in internship
  • they collaborate with our research laboratories
  • they participate to our internal event

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Registration Process

ENSIC has been a member of the n+i network since 2000. Thus, the first n+i students got their diploma in 2002.

The n+i students are usually required to follow French classes in Strasbourg during the summer (Package of Linguistic Integration), and then a Package of Methodology Integration (one semester), which takes place in Nancy. From September to December, the courses are organised at CPP (Cycle préparatoire polytechnique): www.la-prepa-des-inp.fr/. N+i students start courses at ENSIC in January.

In early September, incoming foreign students must go to the ENSIC International Relations Office for their administrative registration. The office will help them to get a civil liability insurance and to suscribe a health insurance plan.

Contact: sylvie.gehin@univ-lorraine.fr


Important Dates

Most important deadlines


The recruitment process takes place during the 4 n+i sessions. (For more information regarding the schedule, please see: www.nplusi.com/articles/185/Schedule.)

As soon as they get their acceptance letter, the n+i students must start their visa application (if needed).

If they want to benefit from a student accomodation, they have to contact the ENSIC International Relations Office by June.

When they will arrive in Nancy, the n+i students will be asked to pass by the ENSIC International Relations Office to get enrolled in ENSIC.

Please note that besides your success in your studies at ENSIC, you are required to get by the end of your curriculum, or at last one year after. :

  • a minimum B2 certificate in French
  • a minimum B2 certificate in English




There are no specific ENSIC scholarships for foreign students. Of course, they can apply to scholarship programs, such as those which are implemented by the French Emabssies abroad. For more information regarding scholarships, please see: www.campusfrance.org/fria/bourse/index.html#app=faac&193-si=0.

Moreover, n+i students can beneficiate from a financial support from the government which is called "APL" (www.caf.fr). Furthermore, they can turn to the ENSIC Foundation, which offers scholarships to students facing financial distress (fondation-ensic@univ-lorraine.fr).



Cost of studies


N+i students are charged 1900€ for the first year of their studies, and 1100€ for the second year of their studies.

Available master
Student Life

Student Life !

Many events, cultural and sports activities give rythm to student life!

Among these events and activities, there is the "WEI" (weekend of integration gathering students from all classes in a "secret" place so they get to know each other). Activities such as theatre, music and sports (football, basketball, volleyball,...) are also organised all year long.

The school life belongs to the the students, towards many students club, such as:

  • Le BDE: the Student association organising activities towards travel, integration week end...
  • Le BDA: the Student association organising activities towards arts
  • Le BDS: the Student association organising activities towardssports
  • Le BAR: the Student association organising activities towards meals and the bar
  • Le Club Bière: the Student association organising activities towards beer tasting


              BDE ENSIC


To know more about student association: http://ensic.univ-lorraine.fr/fr/vie-etudiante/associations/les-associations-de-l-ensic


Accomodation facilities:


Since many students live in Nancy, it a very student-friendly city where can be found a lot of public student halls such as "La Batelière", "Monbois" or "Boudonville". These student halls depend on an organism which provides services to students and which is called the CROUS (www.crous-nancy-metz.fr).

Students can also be accomodated in the private rental sector (private residences or flats/houses), or by house-sharing.

Accommodation fees

Costs and dimensions of housing


Monthly rents in public student halls range from 147€ to 526,34€, depending on the type of accomodation and on the student hall (prices for the academic year 2014-2015).

For more information, please see: www.crous-nancy-metz.fr/logements/nos-loyers/

In the private sector, housing costs depend mainly on the location and the size of the accomodation. The more important the dimensions are, the more expensive the price is. Monthly rents usually vary between 200 and 400€. It is possible to rent fully furnished rooms/apartments/houses, or, on the contrary, empty accomodations.

Some figures

Some figures

ENSIC welcomes many students from all around the world. During the academic year 2013-2014, about one fifth of students were foreign students (106 out 496), including exchange students. 16 of them have graduated in 2014.


Partnership with n+i

Relations with the n+i network 


Our School is an active member of the n+i network since 2000. Since then, ENSIC has received from 3 to 10 students every year. Between 2002 and 2012, 32 n+i students have graduated.


Partnership with foreign engineering institutes


ENSIC has got strong partnerships all over the world and on the 5 continents. We want to welcome as many foreign students as we can, and, at the same time, we encourage French students to study or to go on an internship abroad.

Our many partnerships constitute a great opportunity for French students to study engineering and to discover another culture. Thanks to our exchange agreements and our double degrees, our objective is to send 100% of our students abroad, to live a amazing experience !


For an updated list of our foreign partners, please see: ensic.univ-lorraine.fr/fr/international/universites-partenaires/en-europe-et-travers-le-monde

Official website
Visit the official website at

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