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HEI - Ecole des Hautes Etudes d'Ingénieurs
General Presentation
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Student Life
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Welcome to HEI (Hautes Etudes d’Ingénieur)
HEI’s basic mission is to train generalist engineers, men and women capable of taking responsibility and carrying out important technical projects usually involving managing a team.
HEI is a founding member of Lille Catholic University, the largest private multidisciplinary university in France.
Founded in 1885, the school was accredited by the official French Accreditation Board for Engineering (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur) for the first time in 1935. It was also recognised by the State in 1968.
Lille, a European conurbation
At the heart of Europe, Lille enjoys an exceptional geographic location, reinforced by its easy access to the TGV (High Speed Train), the Channel Tunnel and an extensive motorway network. Lille is located less than one hour by train from Paris and Brussels and one a half hour from London and three hours from Amsterdam.
A campus at the heart of the city
HEI is situated at the center of the Vauban district, a residential neighbourhood in the heart of the city made up of cosmopolitan markets, stylish shops and beautiful gardens. The campus is proud of its unique architectural blend combining neo-gothic buildings with more contemporary constructions.

A five-year curriculum made of

  • a general cycle (3 years corresponding to the bachelor’s degree)
  • and a professional cycle (2 years corresponding to the master’s degree) 
  • Combining a scientific and technological with a managerial approach enriched by many experiences in companies, a flourishing community life a humanistic approach and a compulsory international experience
  • The professional cycle

During the first year of this cycle students share their time between 5 main activities:

  • Science and engineering techniques
  • Management and organisation of companies
  • Humanities
  • Personal development
 This is the moment when they choose between 10 different fields of specialisation :
  • Architectural engineering
  • Banking Finance and Insurance
  • Building and civil engineering
  • Chemistry and chemical engineering
  • Computer sciences and information technology
  • Energy, Electrical Systems and Automated Systems
  • Industrial management
  • Mechanical design and engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Technologies, innovation and international textile management
During the second year students concentrate their efforts around 3 main axes :
  • A semester of studies: common core syllabus and field of specialisation
  • A study and research project (TER): a period of study and research in a company or school for 13 weeks.
  • An engineering work placement : 4 to 6 months.
The added extras at HEI
At least once during their studies, each student must take on a position with responsibilities as a leader, a manager, an organizer of a project, inside ou outside the school.
A few examples
organizer of humanitarian events, president of a students' club, in charge of an association helping young pupils with their homework orgaizer of sports events...
Foreign languages
The study of English is compulsory. some lessons are carried out in English during the fourth and fifth year as well as the assessments concerning these topics.
A second language is compulsory. It is possible to study a third language as an optional subject. To graduate students must have certain language requirements.
Personal development
At least once during their studies, each student has to attend a course dealing with a topic external to the school such as philosophy, musicology, theology... so as to open up intellectual approaches different from scientific reasoning.
A few examples
European cultural clashes, musicology, internaional solidarity the scriotures, church history, modern arts, medical ethics....
Work placements and international experience
Students have 3 compulsory work placements during their studies and must also undertake a period of study and research in a company or in a university  research laboratory. Moreover, all students must have one period of international experience during their studies. This can be for one of their placements or in the framework of an exchange programme.

A 2-year master degree H2E (Energy Habitat Environment)

Professional Network
Important Dates
Student Life
45 different student clubs. HEI offers : athletics, badminton, football, golf, judo, swimming, squash, tennis, theatre, wine tasting, photography and many others amongst which the international student association. It aims at creating a bridge between international students. It helps students by providing a variety of services such as : e-mail international students before their arrival to initiate contact, assist them to settle in their new environment, arrange social and cultural events… 
Located at the centre of the Lille Catholic University Campus, the student service association (AEU) is made up of 5 main services: restaurants, housing, healthcare, social services and sports.
Students who plan to study at HEI will be able to find a range of accommodation just next to the school and close to all student services. For more information please visit the AEU website at : http://www.asso-aeu.fr/en/
Accommodation fees
Estimated monthly expenses for 2013/2014
Prices for accommodation range from 340€ to 550€.
Rooms surfaces are from 9 to 16m2. They are furnished with a bed, a closet, a desk and a washbasin. Toilets and bathrooms are shared in some residence halls. Students also share a kitchen and a laundry. The AEU is in charge of the cleaning.
Life in the residence is organised by :
  • A team : a warden-caretaker, housekeepers and student leaders
  • Activities : breakfast, a kitchen for the students, laundry, a TV rooms, ping-pong…
  • Sharing : you can work in groups if you like, you can helps each others as well. Various events bring the residents together.
Choosing accommodation in a student residence requires a personal commitment to community life.
For more information please visit the AEU website at : http://www.aeu.asso.fr/english/uk/Editorial.php
Some figures
15300 alumni
2000 students
Every year more than 300 students complete their initial and continuing education and graduate from the school
13 research laboratories
12 fields of specialisation
190 teachers, researchers, administrative and technical staff
350 external instructors
95 partner universities
Partnership with n+i
University of Quebec Chicoutimi (Canada) : 2 diplomas
University of Quebec/Ecole de Technologie Superieure (Canada) : 1 diploma
Comillas Pontifical University, ICAI Madrid (Espagne) : 2 diplomas
University of Wollongong (Australie) : 3 diplomas
Griffith University (Australie) : 1 diploma
Official website
Visit the official website at

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