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ENSEA - Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Electronique et de ses Applications
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ENSEA is a leading French Graduate Engineering School founded in 1952, located 30 km west from Paris. Studying at ENSEA is choosing a high-quality institution that trains students in cutting-edge technologies recognized by international companies specialized in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Telecommunications.

Our institution awards about 250 Master and 20 PhD degrees per year.

Every year, as part of their training, all ENSEA students must go for an internship in a company or a research laboratory, in France or in any country of their choice.



ENSEA is located in Cergy, a new town built in the 70s, 35 km NW from Paris center. Commuting with Paris is quite easy by public transportation or by car. Cergy is only 30 min. by train or motorway from Paris inner city and 40 min. by bus from Paris CDG Airport.
The ENSEA Campus hosts some 800 students most of them at the Master or Doctorate level, among which 20% of international students.
ENSEA is part of the Collegium Ile-de-France, a group a three Graduate Schools covering the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, Computer and Applied Math Engineering and hosting more than 2000 graduate students in the Paris-Cergy area.
ENSEA is also part of the Cergy University  PRES, a Higher Education consortium gathering 13 institutions and some 20,000 students in the North-Western outskirts of Paris. Due to its high concentration of student population, Cergy one of the youngest city in France.



During the final academic semester students receive a specialized training in one of those domains:
– Automatics and Power Electronics
– Electronics, Communications and Microwaves
– Electronics and Embedded Systems
– Electronics, Instrumentation and Bio-Science
– Multimedia Systems
– Networks and Telecommunications
– Informatics, Computer Science 
– Mechatronics and Complex Systems
ENSEA has a strong international involvment. It has more than 70 partner universities in some 40 countries. Between 20 and 30% of final year students spend their year abroad. ENSEA offers more than 15 double degree programs with top ranked institutions such as: Imperial College (UK), Bristol Univ. (UK), TU Berlin, TU Darmstadt (D), TU Munich (D), UP Madrid (E), UP Valencia (E). Univ. La Sapienza (I), Politecnico Milano (I) Georgia Tech (USA), IIT Chicago (USA), SUNY Bufallo (USA), UNB (Brasil), Osaka Univ. (Japan), Huazhong Univ. of Sc. & Tech (China), UESTC Chengdu (China).

Professional Network

ENSEA carries out various collaborative programs through research partnerships, corporate forums, seminars and internships.

Main Industrial Partners :



The whole registration process, except room reservation, goes through the “n+i” website. For any query regarding ENSEA, including room reservation, please contact us at:ri@ensea.fr

Important Dates

The registration deadlines for the different sessions are those defined on the “n+i” website.
The payment of the ENSEA invoice (first year academic cost) is due by June 30th at the latest.
No change in the room reservation will be accepted after June 15th. After this date, two months of rent are due.


ENSEA can help students to obtain scholarships but does not provide direct financial aid or any kind of assistanceship on campus.
Students with outstanding academic records can be proposed by ENSEA to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for an Eiffel scholarship (1180 € per month). Students belonging to a restricted list of countries, regions and cities can benefit from scholarships funded by the Ile-de-France (Greater Paris) region (1000 € per month). For details please see http://www.iledefrance.fr/english/ or contact the French Embassy in your country, which deals with the applications. Some French Embassies may also provide partial funding (for 6 months / 1 year, or cover partial cost such as health insurance).
Provided they are not recipients of a French State scholarship, international student are authorized by law to work part time (equivalent to 17 hours a week or 800 hours a year). This cannot be done during study periods, but is possible during weekends and/or vacation time. Companies are now obliged by law to pay a minimum salary to trainees (between 500 to 1000 euros per month typically). So, if they choose to carry out their Final Year Project in a company, students are in most cases financially independent during the final semester.


The cost for the 2-year International Master’s program is 4,400 euros (2200 euros per year). This includes ENSEA ration fees as well as general and “n+i” specific services provided by ENSEA. –This figure represents less than a sixth of the actual consolidated cost supported by the French Ministry for Education and Research through the School budget–. 

The cost of living in the Paris/Cergy area for a comfortable student life is considered to be around 600 euros per month (40 to 50% of it go to accommodation). This leads to an overall budget to be funded, excluding travel cost to/from Paris, of 28,000 euros.

Available master
Student Life

There is no difference in terms or rights and obligations between French and International Students at ENSEA. So international student can benefit from all the facilities and services offered to local students, especially in terms of extra curriculum activities.

ENSEA hosts some 30 student clubs covering all types of activities ranging from sports (all continental sports, including yachting are represented) to wine tasting: music, dancing, theatre, movie/video making, role-playing games, adventure travels, development NGOs, technical activities like robotics competitions and Ham radio...).

For details see student's website: http://webteam.ensea.fr. International student are invited to join these clubs. We consider that taking part in those activities is the best way to get into the ENSEA student community, make new friends (French and International alike), quickly improve your French ability and have a real insight into the French culture and way of living.


ENSEA can provide assistance for housing to all international exchange students thanks to an agreement signed with the Regional Student Facilities Center (CROUS) which manages most student halls.

Accommodation fees

All student halls are located close to ENSEA and provide 36m2 studio flats to be shared with another student (private bedroom with shower and shared kitchenette and toilettes). The prices for rooms are between 350 € and 400 €/month.

Some figures

Here are some facts and figures about ENSEA:
- 5000+ alumni
- 800 students including PhD
- 250 Master’s degrees delivered each year
- 85 tenured professors
- 140 visiting professors (mainly from industry)
- 20 teaching labs
- 3 research teams
- 70+ foreign partner institutions (in 30+ countries)
- 20%+ international students (from 40 countries or more)
- 25% ENSEA students spend final year abroad
- 30+ student associations

Partnership with n+i

ENSEA is a founding member of the “n+i” Network. It was approved as a PIM center by the Network in 2005. From the beginning, it has hosted more than 100 “n+i” students from 10 different countries.
ENSEA is very active in promoting the “n+I” network abroad. In 2013 ENSEA took part in five promoting tours.


ENSEA has developed a wide network of partner institutions across the world over the past 10 years and has committed itself to sending at least 25 % of its students abroad.
Students are given various opportunities: summer internships, final year projects, double-degrees and research in partner institutions in more than 30 countries on 5 continents.
ENSEA's partner universities:
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherland, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Finland,  Taiwan, Tunisia, United Kingdom, Viet Nam, USA.

Official website
Visit the official website at

n+i Representative
Thomas TANG