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ENSCMu - Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Mulhouse
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 ENSCMu (Ecole nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Mulhouse) :
  •  the first French school of chemistry, founded in 1822 by  industrialists
  • close links with regional, national and international companies
  • high-level training leading to engineering degree (Master's)
  • special emphasis on laboratory work and internships
  • focus on project work and gaining relevant skills
  • ENSCMu enrols about 80  students every year. Throughout their studies, they are encouraged to take the initiative, get involved in associations and participate in cultural events. Entrepreneurship and initiative are highly valued.
ENSCMu belongs to regional and national networks : Alsace Tech, the association of Alsatian engineering and management schools, Fédération Gay-Lussac, which comprises the 19 French schools of chemistry and chemical engineering, CGE, CDEFI, the n+i network..
High-level education in all areas of chemistry and advanced practical training that enables students to begin their careers quickly.
Industrial internships in France and abroad. 5 options are proposed in the final year :
  • Organic, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry
  • Environmental Sciences and Chemical Safety
  •  Materials and Polymers
  • Green Chemistry
  • Formulation and Cosmetology
The research laboratories at ENSCMu are mostly associated with CNRS
(Centre national de la recherche scientifique, the national research agency). About a hundred researchers and ‘enseignants-chercheurs’ play an active role in teaching. They also host students in their laboratories and tutor their projects and internships.
Special emphasis is laid on  laboratory work, personal projects and hands-on experience. Students are offered numerous internship opportunities in industry or in university laboratories.
The Mulhouse campus offers halls of residence, restaurants, and a university gym. It is close to sports facilities (olympic swimming-pool, ice-rink, regional sports centre), and cultural facilities (La Filature, which is a major arts centre, theatre, technical museums..) Convenient access by public transport (tram and bus) and bicycle tracks.
In the heart of Europe, in the center of an industrial region 30 kilometres from Switzerland and Germany, Mulhouse is an old city with strong traditions, which offers students a green campus on a human scale, a good place to live and to study. It is easily accessible by road, train, or the international Euroairport nearby.



Located at the heart of Europe, right in the center of an industrial hub where fine chemistry plays a leading role, Mulhouse is an ancient city with a strong tradition but also a university city with a compact campus, where the living is good. We are situated in the trinational Upper Rhine Region, near other cities with a rich tradition and culture like Colmar, Basel, Freiburg im Breisgau, Strasbourg , Zurich and very beautiful landscapes like the Vosges, the Jura, the Black Forest and the Swiss Alps.
Mulhouse, an agglomeration of 220 000 inhabitants is famous for hosting some of the most important European technical museums , eg. an automobile museum (le Musée National de l'Automobile - Collection Schlumpf,, a museum of textile printing (Musée de l'impression sur étoffes), Electropolis or the French railway museum (la Cité du Train).Many cultural places contribute to its splendor : La Filature (Scène Nationale), a cinema complex (Kinépolis) , as well as local theatres and exhibition halls.
The campus of Mulhouse is embedded in 25 hectares of green landscape. It is  a 30-minute drive from the Euroairport – international airport, 10 mn by bus or tram from the city centre and the main station and  within 2 mn walking distance from the swimbath, the ice rink and the new gymnasium. Bicycle paths connect the city center with its surroundings.


 ENSCMu, the Mulhouse Graduate School of Chemistry at Université de Haute Alsace
  • High-level theoretical and practical training in all fields of chemistry
  • Close links with industry and research worldwide, focus on industrial experience
  • Located in one of Europe´s most active industrial hubs


Professional Network

ENSCMu has links with companies all over the world,especially in Germany, Switzerland, Britain, the United States, Japan, the Netherlands : partnerships, research contracts, internships for students.




ENSCMu has been an active member of the N+i network since 2003 . We have received students since 2006. 

Important Dates

Recruiting begins at the beginning of April until the end of May of every academic  year. 

Registration costs: € 1000  per year
Accomodation in a university residence hall costs between € 140 and € 500.
All students can apply for the housing subsidy APL (Aide Personnalisée au Logement).
The university service for sports offers a wide range of physical activities. Students who wish to take part in one of these activities have to pay a registration fee of  €15 .
There are monthly student rates available for  public transportation. A  student travel card  costs € 24,50  monthly.
You also have acces to cinemas:
- BELAIR, located near the campus: € 3
- KINEPOLIS in the city centre: € 8

Entry to certain museums is also free. 

Student Life
The university service for sports offers a wide range of physical activities.
Students who wish to take part in one of these activities have to pay a registration fee of € 15.
You also have acces to cinemas:
- BELAIR, located near the campus: € 3
- KINEPOLIS in the city centre: € 8

Entry to certain museums is also free. 

Accomodation in a university residence hall costs between €140 and €400.
All students can apply for the housing subsidy APL (Aide Personnalisée au Logement).
For more information on accomodation, please visit the homepage of the CLOUS.


Accommodation fees
 Accomodation in a university residence hall costs between € 140 and € 400.
Room sizes vary between 10 and 33 square meters.
There are different types of room available:
- Studios with a kitchenette and a bathroom
- Rooms with communal bathrooms and kitchens
Internet is available in all residence halls.
Important information:

Students have to bring their own kitchen equipment (cooking pots, pans etc.) , beed sheets and pillow cases.  Bed linen can be rented from Clous - Mulhouse (see above). 

Some figures
Each year, ENSCMu receives between five and ten international students from all over the world. 

Graduation rate is above 80%. 

Partnership with n+i
ENSCMu  has been an active member of  the n+i network since 2003 . 

We have been receiving students since 2006. 


We have academic and research partnerships with institutions from all over the world :

-as part of the Erasmus programme with European and associated countries, including a double degree agreement with Cranfield University (UK)

-as part of the Crepuq agreement with the Québec province in Canada (UQAM, UDM, Sherbrooke, Concordia, McGill)

-as part of the EUCOR network (10 Upper Rhine universities in three countries : Germany, Switzerland, and France)

-as part of research programmes

-Starting in 2010, the Regio Chimica programme with Freiburg University (Germany), offers high-level chemistry training in two languages and two countries.

- Université de Haute Alsace, to which ENSCMu belongs, has partnerships with China (Nanjing, Shanghai..), Russia (Arkhangelsk), the USA (Lockhaven University), Algeria, Tunesia, Cameroon...

-The Alsace region has partnerships with Poland (Lower-Silesia), Austria (Upper-Austria), Rumania (Western Region), Russia (Moscow Region), Canada (Quebec Province), South Korea (Gyeonsangbuk Province), and China (Nanjing and Jiangsu Province)

Official website
Visit the official website at

n+i Representative
Fabrice Schultz