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EFREI - Ecole d'Ingénieur des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication
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Created in 1936 by Ernest Lavigne, EFREI initially specialised in the new technology of the time:  radio electricity. Since 1957, EFREI’s engineering degree has been recognized by the only French engineering accrediting board, the CTI (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur). 
EFREI has continuously adapted its curriculum to technological evolutions. The focus was placed on electronics in the 1960s and, with the invention of the microcomputer in 1972 by the EFREI engineer André Truong, has shifted to computer science. 

Information Technology 
Our Master program prepares students for a large spectrum of professional responsibilities in technological domains such as telecommunications, networks, web services, multimedia, wi-fi, e-business, information systems, wireless and mobile communications, data warehousing and data mining, DBA, real-time systems, embedded systems…

General Structure of the Master’s Program
EFREI’s master’s program is a two-year program (M1-M2) composed of 4 semesters, including two internships (a technical internship and a final-year internship); these 4 semesters are referred to respectively as: s7 – s8 – s9 – s10. Each semester is worth 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits and the graduate program is equivalent to a total of 120 ECTS credits.
While the master’s program emphasizes the professional qualities of engineering training, it also takes into account the recommendations of the “Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur” the only official accrediting body in France.  In applying these recommendations, the following breakdown is applied: 70% scientific and technical training and 30% general training.
Choosing One’s Own Academic Path:
A student engineer at the master’s level chooses a combination of courses from the four program components: Major, Area of Specialization, Job Position and Sector.
Graduate students at EFREI also pursue graduate training in management, humanities and foreign languages. 
Apart from the Areas of Specialization that stem from the Majors, all combinations are possible. These combinations may depend on logical considerations, e.g. a certain Job Position or Sector which is more naturally linked to a certain Area of Specialization or may be based on a more explorative approach, e.g. looking for a Sector or Job Position.  Finally, some students may be guided from a Major towards a Job Position as is the case with Finance.

EFREI’s campus is located in Villejuif, 15 minutes by metro from central Paris and a two-minute walk from a public transportation hub. Our green and modern campus covers 10,000 square meters and includes numerous facilities such as student union offices, a cafeteria, a start-up incubator, a media center, a student lounge, and large computer labs accessible outside class time.  

    •    Excellent teaching standards
    •    100% of science faculty hold PhDs
    •    Large number of business and industry professionals among faculty
    •    Small class size and individual tutoring
    •    Selective admission process

    Our teaching staff numbers over 170 teachers for about 1200 students, i.e. a ratio of roughly one teacher to every five students. Our permanent and international staff of teachers is joined by leading researchers from universities and by business experts. Together, they share their technical skills and corporate knowledge to accompany students throughout their learning process.

  • •    1,200 students on campus
  • •    170 faculty and staff
  • •    Over 300 Master Degrees awarded each year
  •  •    International students account for 9% of engineering degrees awarded each year
  • •    Over 6000 alumni



Number of Institutions Evaluated





All 240 engineering schools in France

Best French engineering programs according to recruiters




Fastest professional placement rate




Most valued graduates in IT according to recruiters

01 Informatique



Graduates with the highest starting salaries

L'Usine Nouvelle



Best institution according to  recruiters

Le Nouvel Economiste



Professional Network


EFREI has always strived to develop and maintain solid and mutually beneficial relationships with the business community:

•    Advanced-level instruction provided by business professionals for many technical and management courses as well as advising/tutoring and monitoring of team projects
•    Mock recruitment interviews with HR professionals
•    Informational conferences on career opportunities and career counselling
•    Annual Career Day: Representatives from over 50 companies on campus to inform and recruit students for job training or internship opportunities. Companies present include: BNP Paribas, Caisse des Dépôts, Renault, SNCF, Thales Group, Unilog, Altran, Accenture, Cisco, Marine Nationale, la Banque Postale, AXA Tech, Cap Gemini, Alten, Orange Business Services, T-Systems…
•    Numerous job training offers available

EFREI has also established a number of formal partnerships with companies in the form of contractual agreements:

•    Microsoft – EFREI is an official Microsoft Certification Center
•    Cisco – EFREI is an official Cisco Certification and Training Center
•    Astek Global Finance – official sponsor of the Informatics and Finance program
•    Sopra Goup – European ITSC and sponsor of the Software Engineering program
•    Société Générale – 3rd largest French bank and sponsor of the Information Systems program
•    SAS – world’s leading/largest business intelligence software company


Formal partnerships generally include provisions enabling companies to provide partial scholarships to deserving students.
Master degree program students at EFREI can apply for grants of between 1,500 and 3,000€.


IT engineers from EFREI are currently in high demand and many companies seek out and even court our future graduates. Consequently, numerous internship offers are available to them. Recruiters clearly approve of our graduates’ backgrounds: solid scientific, technical and management education, complemented by practical experience and involvement in student organisations like Junior Enterprise.

Internships are placed under the supervision of professional advisors.  EFREI students become rapidly operational and autonomous and benefit greatly from this early exposure to the business world.
Recruiting a junior engineer as an intern, allows a company to train and assess the suitability of the young professional. These paid internships are often followed by a job offer from the company.

Organization of the internships in EFREI Master program

1st year of Master program (M1): Technical internship
Duration: 4 months minimum between April and September

2nd year of Master program (M2): Engineering internship
Duration:  6 months minimum between February and October

Professional Year: Students can elect to combine the M1 and M2 internships into a single 15-16 month internship.  Following this long training period, they return to EFREI to complete their degree.


•    95 % of graduates are offered full-time positions before graduation
•    38,700€ annual starting salary
•    Principal business and industry sectors of placement: Computer services 60.3%; Telecommunications 14.70%; Banking and Insurance 7.8%; Manufacturing 5.9%
•    Career diversity: Software Developer, System builder, Software Designer, Systems Architect, Consultant, Information System Architect, Project Manager, System Administrator, CIO, Sales Engineer, …


SepEFREI - 20 years of Junior Enterprise experience
The National Junior Enterprise organization is run by students and provides billable IT development, network and consulting services. EFREI’s Junior Enterprise, SepEFREI, has for several years now been one of the 30 best Junior Enterprises in France. All Junior Enterprise chapters are governed by a national confederation (CNJE) that ensures compliance and service quality.

An on-campus business incubator
EFREI’s on-campus business incubator hosts start-ups for up to 24 months. Innovative business proposals are evaluated by a club of business leaders and investors called CEDRE, a branch of the EFREI alumni association (http://www.aiefrei.org/cedre and by the school’s executive directors.
These alumni advise our young entrepreneurs, providing in particular financial and legal consulting.
EFREI has also signed a partnership agreement with IncubAlliance, a government-funded business incubator and consulting service for innovative start-ups that focuses on integrating students’ competencies, supporting research and providing support for innovative projects in their early stages before the start-up phase.

Innovative projects recently launched at EFREI:
•    The Srooba Project http://blog.srooba.com , gold-medal finalists at the Microsoft 2007 Imagine Cup competition in Seoul (The APB team, composed of students from the 2008 graduating class)
•    BabyGo http://www.babygo.fr , the only search engine designed exclusively for children, was recently named best Internet project at the Entrepreneur trade show in Paris in February 2008 ( the Petit Poucet competition http://www.petitpoucet.fr/pdf/2008.pdf) (Adrien Touati,  class of 2009)
•    Site du Zéro (http://www.siteduzero.com) (created by Mathieu Nebra, class of 2008) This IT tutorial and e-learning site has rapidly gained a legion of fans who laud its clarity, simplicity and pedagogy.

Applicants to the n+i program must have a bachelor\'s degree (such as a BTech, BEng, or BSc) or equivalent (4 years of post-secondary studies.)

Applicants need to complete only one application file online on the n+i internet site: www.nplusi.com
Note: Early applicants benefit from reduced fees.

Applicants must confirm their online application by sending their complete application packet in paper form to n+i. This includes a printed and signed copy of the online application, copies of the degrees and diplomas, transcripts, job training contracts, test results (GRE, TOEFL…), and photos.

Applicants must observe the deadlines for filing applications and should log into the n+i site often to check for updates and notices.
Note: Checking the site is the only way applicants will be able to check the status of their application. No notices will be sent by e-mail or post.

Applicants must begin studying French and provide proof of a sufficient level in French (Test of French: TEF, TCF, letters from accredited persons, etc..),

Note: Determinations of equivalencies concerning degrees, credits, and grades are made by an n+i committee appointed by directors of member engineering schools and programs. The decisions of the committee are final and not subject to review or appeal.

Minimum language ability requirements
English : TOEFL 85 (iBT), 570 (paper), TOEIC 750, IELTS 6.5, or equivalent

Important Dates
Application deadlines: See n+i website for most recent information

EFREI / n+i Academic Calendar
First year
•    French language course at CAVILAM language school, http://www.cavilam.com/en
(July and August)
•    4-month academic integration program at ISIMA, Clermont-Ferrand, an n+i member school
(Sept – December)
•    3 ½ -month academic program at EFREI
•    4-to-5-month mandatory internship or research project on campus (April – September)

Second year
•    4-month academic program on campus  (Sept – January)
•    6-to-10-month mandatory internship (February-October)

Graduation ceremony (October)

Vacation / Holidays
•    Christmas vacation: two weeks around Christmas
•    Winter break: one week in February (for M1 only)
•    Summer vacation: September (for M1 only)

•    International students are entitled to an accommodation allowance (APL/ALS) from the French government

   EFREI n+i Scholarship A partial tuition waiver may be granted to outstanding n+i candidates choosing to study at EFREI. The scholarship is given to n+i applicants along with the admission offer.

•    Gustave Eiffel scholarship for international students admitted to a degree awarding program and showing proof of outstanding academic performance (application deadline in December).
•    Company sponsored scholarships: Partner companies may sponsor deserving foreign students who have been admitted into the Master program at EFREI. For more information contact EFREI international office
•    French Embassy scholarships program: For more information contact the local French Embassy.


•  Tuition fees: Two year total of 15,700 € reduced to 6,000 € for N+I students awarded the Efrei n+i scholarship
  Living expenses: €800 / month including housing
  Health insurance: €300 / year (included in tuition package for first year n+i students)
•  Visa: applicants should contact the local French Embassy.

Available master
Student Life
EFREI supports student clubs and the Student Union by providing them with funding and logistical assistance. Projects related to a club can earn students academic credits.
Both associations and the Student’s Union organize regular outings
•    weekend trips, ski vacations
•    Parties
•    Theatre, concerts, cinema
•    exhibits and guest lectures
EFREI students have more than 30 associative projects to choose from ranging from international humanitarian aid to community education or training programs, business or community service project competitions (national and international), sports, theater, cinema, wine tasting, robotics, …  see http://assos.efrei.fr/

Paris offers a wide range of monuments and cultural activities and EFREI encourages students to take advantage of these opportunities:
•    The Louvre museum
•    The Eiffel tower
•    The Invalides Museum (Armed forces and armaments museum)
•    The Orsay Museum (19th century and modern art)
•    The Latin Quarter, St Germain des Prés and the Cathedral of Notre Dame
•    Montmartre, the Basilica of Sacré Coeur, the Bastille and the Marais district
•    Versailles and Chantilly castles
•    Euro Disney, Asterix amusement Park
•    And so much more….
EFREI can provide reasonably priced housing options to all n+i students who request this assistance through our free advance reservation service.  
- To apply, students should send their completed accommodation form and housing agreement form (see www.efrei.fr) before the end of October during the first year of their stay in France. A deposit of 400€ is required with the housing application in order to secure the booking. This non-refundable deposit will be deducted from the first month’s rent.
- In December, n+i students will be notified of the address of their Paris accommodation.
- Access to the accommodation will be available from the first week of January.

This service is available upon request beginning from the first school day after the Christmas break. Students are met at the airport or station and accompanied to their accommodation.
Accommodation fees
Students may be proposed accommodation in partner residence halls or hostels called foyers. These residences may be located in Paris or in a suburb within a reasonable distance from the school.
Depending on the residence and on availability, students may be provided with:
-- A single furnished room (approx. 12m² to 15m²) with a washbasin
-- A single furnished room with toilet, shower and washbasin
-- A double shared room
-- A furnished studio apartment (approx. 25m²) for 1-2 persons with toilet, shower and kitchenette
-- A room in a shared apartment
*** Note: Unfortunately, due to the shortage of student housing in Paris, EFREI cannot guarantee the reservation of a specific type of room.

A single room in a foyer costs approximately 380 € to 540 € (these amounts sometimes include a meal plan)
On average students pay no more than 300 € per month for housing once they have been awarded the accommodation allowance.


• All our partner residences have an agreement with the state funded CAF (Caisse d’Allocation familiale) which allows foreign students to apply for a state-funded accommodation allowance (APL/ALS). See www.caf.fr.
• The amount of the allowance varies according to the amount of rent paid and personal income (it may cover up to 50% of the rent). The allowance is granted once the student has obtained a residence permit.
Some figures
•    Over 60 university exchange partners in 20 countries
•    40% of students participate in foreign educational exchanges
•    Internships in France and abroad
•    Culturally diverse student body and faculty
•    International faculty exchanges
•    EFREI is a member of Edufrance, n+i and a partner in the European Union Socrates programs Erasmus and Leonardo.

•    Opportunity for prospective students to discover EFREI during International Week
•    International students receive French instruction in small groups to help their integration
•    Get-together events to help facilitate contact with EFREI students
•    Help with all administrative formalities
•    Free tutoring
•    Buddy system

In the French university system, foreign students often experience difficulty finding their way around. Our small-scale institution enables students to receive individualized attention in both personal and academic matters. We strive to provide our students with an enriching experience both academically and professionally, always keeping in mind the personal development of each individual student.

National and International Networks
•    A nationally accredited Master’s Degree in Engineering since 1957 by France’s only engineering accrediting board (CTI).
•    A Member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) and of the Union des Grandes Ecoles Indépendantes (UGEI)
•    EFREI is a member of Edufrance, n+i and a partner in the European Union Socrates programs Erasmus and Leonardo.
•    Over 60 university exchange partnerships in 20 countries
Partnership with n+i

Partnerships with French engineering schools
As a member of the n+i network of French engineering schools, EFREI has welcomed 'n+i' applicants since 2005.

Testimonials from former n+i students

Wenjing YU, n+i 2005-2007, China
« I came to EFREI in 2005 as part of the n+i program. My initial contact with EFREI was very friendly due to a warm welcome from several members of the association EFREI International upon our arrival at the train station. The two years I spent at EFREI included a lot of work and effort. But those efforts have been rewarded by two stimulating internships at companies in the Paris region. CSC COMPUTER SCIENCE, where I did my M2 internship, has offered me a full-time contract and my French career has now begun.
Today I am proud of earning a Master degree from EFREI along with my fellow French and international students, in particular with my n+i friends Han Qing Zhuo,  Mu wei, et Bader Alatni. »
(Extract from Yu’s speech at the graduation ceremony.)

Subhaneel Biswas, n+i program, 2007-2009, India
I am Subhaneel Biswas, an EFREIan from India, in the N+I program’s 2007-2009 batch.
I would like to share with you my experience here in the program. First of all, it is one of a kind as it helps foreign students to integrate into the French Higher education system without having prior knowledge of the French language. The linguistic integration package during the summer of 2007 was an experience of a lifetime for me, wherein I got to stay with a French family and not only did I improve my level of French but also learnt a lot about this beautiful country, its people and their culture. Then, the semester of transition from September 2007 helped me to integrate with the regular class work with French students at EFREI which started in January 2008. And they in their turn welcomed me with open arms into their midst. Now, I don’t feel at all that I am a foreign student. It seems that I’ve been here with all the other students since years. EFREI is a very special French Grande École d’Ingénieur as it lays equal importance on Technical as well as Managerial studies. In each of the four specialities, relevant course of Business Management are included along with the technical syllabus. That fit exactly into my personal scheme. I’d had a work experience of 2 years in the Indian IT industry and hence wanted to shift from the Programming domain to the Business domain. Now, at the end of my first year here, I am seeing my dream taking shape – I have just started my first year internship at ALSTOM in the domain of management of Information Systems processes!
Moreover, the International team at EFREI is fantastic! They make you feel, absolutely at home, right from arranging your accommodation to your reception at the station and even introducing you to Parisian life. They are always there. Many of you, who don’t speak French, might be apprehensive about jumping into a venture which involves studying for your Masters in a foreign language, but believe me you can do it – N+I and EFREI will help you do it.
At EFREI, you will be guided by personal tutors besides your French classes. So in no time you’ll find that you’re sailing through the coursework. I had only cleared DELF A1 before coming to France,
and now after less than a year here I have acquired a decent fluency in French. I wish you all best of luck and hope that very soon you would be able to realise your dreams here at EFREI!

CHEN Jianfeng, n+i, 2007- 2009 , China
My name is Jianfeng Chen. I came to EFREI at the end of 2007. As an international student, I was welcomed by students and professors alike. I would like to speak about three aspects.
Orientation and Housing
When I was in Clermont-Ferrand where I completed my transition semester, I received e-mails from EFREI about n+i student orientation and housing in Paris. They proposed several accommodations not far from the school. Even though I found an apartment on my own, I still appreciated the assistance they provided to international students. On January 7 we arrived to a warm welcome and we were given a tour of the campus as well as plenty of practical advice.
Integrating the student body
EFREI has numerous student clubs and associations in which one can meet others with similar interests and even become friends. In addition, the International Association organized lots of activities for the international students in and around Paris. This helped us take better advantage of Paris\\\' offerings and to feel more at home.
I selected the degree specialization Informatics and Finance. So I have to learn about not only IT but also finance, a subject of which I knew very little. Foremost, I found the courses to be not very difficult to follow because when I had questions in class the French students were always helpful. In computer lab, we could apply the knowledge learned duing lectures and study. The time spent in labs was also an opportunity to work with French students and to improve our langauge skills.

Janneth Ximena RODRIGUEZ ESTUPIÑAN, Colombienne, N+i, Promo 2007-2009
Después de mis  primeros 4 meses de experiencia en el EFREI puedo decir que  el EFREI es  una escuela con un buen nivel educativo, donde su contenido temático esta orientado no solo a la parte técnica de la ingeniería informática sino  también a la dirección y donde sus estudiantes adquieren bases solidas para luego adaptarse fácilmente en un ambiente laboral empresarial.
Como estudiante extranjero puedo decir que en el EFREI existe un alto interés por brindar una vida asociativa agradable a las personas del exterior, esto se ve reflejado en su gran acogida de estudiantes extranjeros y en las diferentes asociaciones preocupadas por su orientación, adaptación  y realización de diferentes actividades de integración. Ha nivel personal he sentido el apoyo y respaldo de la escuela en temas como: la llegada a Paris, la búsqueda de un alojamiento, becas de estudio, el reconocimiento de la ciudad,  la integración en la escuela, entre otras actividades inter y extra escolares.


National and International Networks

·  A nationally accredited Master’s Degree in Engineering since 1957 by France’s only engineering accrediting board (CTI).
·  A Member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) and of the Union des Grandes Ecoles Indépendantes (UGEI)
·  EFREI is a member of campusfrance, n+i and a partner in the European Union Socrates programs Erasmus and Leonardo.
·  Over 60 university exchange partnerships in 20 countries
Official website
Visit the official website at

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