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For nearly a century, since 1905, the ESME-Sudria has been training engineers in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications, and Computer Engineering.

The curriculum of the school, which is taught in French, has evolved significantly over the years: it covers the full range of technologies from electrical power  to the management of complex systems and intelligent networks.

Since 1905, over 12,000 engineers have graduated. 8,000 are currently active. The legal status of the school today is an « Association loi 1901 » i.e. a non-profit making association.
There are approximately 1000 students (of which 15% are girls), taught by 220 members of faculty and research staff.

State-accredited since 1922, the school is under supervision of the Ministry of Education.

The ESME-Sudria degree is approved by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (Commission of Engineering Certification), which awards the Engineering Degree only to students of accredited schools.

The ESME-Sudria is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles as well as the Union des Grandes Ecoles Indépendantes (UGEI) and is also a member of CAMPUSFRANCE, a national agency for student-exchanges.



The urban campus of the ESME-Sudria is on the doorsteps of Paris in Ivry-sur-Seine (two kilometers from inner Paris). Currently situated on 7,500 m², the campus includes:

  • laboratories (4500 m²) 38 rue Molière,
  • classrooms (2500 m²) 65 bd de Brandebourg

at Ivry, right on the RER C (express subway) and only 3 stations from Boulevard Saint Michel.

These modern premises include lecture rooms, self-access laboratories, and a cafeteria.

The administration offices are located 38 rue Molière.

Since September 2012, the school has two campuses in Lille and Lyon and a new site located near Paris Montparnasse in addition to the main campus at Ivry.


The Electronics Laboratory

Many Corporate bodies such as Région IDF, CRITT, ANVAR, DRIRE, the Ministère de l'Industrie, commission ESME professors to do studies and research in the ESME laboratories in various domains such as:

  • Design of electronic circuits for the automobile industry
  • Measures and test benches
  • Circuit Optimization
  • Embedded security


The Electrical Engineering Department

The Energy Conversion Department develops complete systems in current research concerning railroad transport with the SNCF, electrical vehicles with Groupe PSA (Peugeot-Citroën), actuators for aeronautics and industrial robotics including:

  • Vectorial command of synchronous and asynchronous motors;
  • Active filtering and sinusoidal current absorbing;
  • Implementing command layers based on artificial intelligence techniques such as neural networks or fuzzy logic.

The ESME-Sudria Symposium and Research Projects

Before the end-of-studies internship, research projects are done by the students under the guidance of professors and researchers, in partnership with companies.

These projects are presented to an audience of students, parents and professionals at the ESME Symposium. The best projects are selected by the ESME Engineers Association.

Professional Network

The ESME-Sudria is permanently in contact with the corporate world, in various ways:

  • The « Improvement Advisory Committee », which evaluates the evolution of the teaching programmes, and establishes the syllabus orientation for the two future years, is composed of forty Company Directors.
  • 40% of the faculty are members of the corporate world, specialists in their respective subjects, which they teach to final year students.
  • Research contracts are accomplished in the school laboratories through the ESME-Sudria R&D.

There is a service in the school dedicated to enterprise relations. It manages the training periods, first employment, and job placement for experienced engineers in collaboration with the Alumni association.

This same service is also in charge of events such as :


The ESME Sudria has been belonging to the n+i network since it has been created.

The ESME Sudria aims to develop the volume of international students each year.

Important Dates

International students join ESME Sudria after the "n+i PIM", that is to say at the end of January. They spend 18 months at ESME Sudria, including the 5 months final internship in the industry.


Usual scholarship from French local institution can be granted on demand to these institutions.

It happens that IONIS, owner of the ESME Sudria, grant scholarships to international students depending on their academic level.


Tuition fees range from €7500 to €9000 depending on years. Many solutions are proposed to allow students to support these fees.

Available master
Student Life

ESME Sudria students have extremely varied poles of interest, and this diversity has led to the creation of a large variety of clubs and associations, enabling students to share their passions with fellow-students.

Every year new and interesting groups are formed, adding to the cultural and intellectual development of the students.

The associations


The ESME Sudria has privileged access to two student residences in the town of Ivry-sur-Seine.
The ESME Sudria has signed several agreements with agencies for housing in Paris and southern suburbs, not far from the school.
Each year, many movements occur between arriving and departing.

Accommodation fees

Prices are those currently occuring near Paris.

Some figures

The ESME Sudria receives and graduates each year from 10 to 20 international students. Most of them come from Africa, eastern Europe. Our aim is now to spread our reputation all over the world!!!

Partnership with n+i

The ESME Sudria belongs to the n+i netwotk since it has been created, and intend to be a strong partner, as long as possible!


Through years, the ESME Sudria developped many partnerships with foreign institutes, mainly to allow its own students to study abroad and get a Master of Science. Our main partners are:

- UK: Heriot Watt (Edimburgh), Leeds University ans Sheffield University; King's College

- Canada: ETS (Montreal)

- USA: IIT (Chicago), San Jose (San Francisco)

- Israel: Technion Haïfa

- Germany: Kassel

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n+i Representative
Lauriane BLANDEL