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Member of the Polytech Group, the first group of engineering schools in France, Polytech\'Nantes was the first polytechnic engineering university in France.
The school was created in January 2000 through the fusion of three existing engineering schools from Nantes and Saint-Nazaire: ESA-IGELEC, IRESTE, and ISITEM.

With its status as the engineering school of the University of Nantes, the school benefits from the scientific and pedagogic environment of a university. And in keeping with its dedication to shaping well-rounded engineers, the school is privileged to maintain close connections to a number of businesses and the economic world at both the national and international level.

Member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, Polytech\'Nantes, the engineering school of the University of Nantes, is accredited by the Commission des Titres d\'Ingénieur (CTI).
On site-campuses of over 40 000 m2, Polytech\'Nantes is split between two sites :

The site of  La Chantrerie at Nantes

This site is home to 5 Grandes Ecoles, with over 2.000 students, two university restaurants, a technology library, as well as about 30 businesses at Atlanpôle that deal in advanced technology, all set against a stunning backdrop, the banks of the Erdre, declared "the most beautiful river in France" by François 1st.

The Gavy site at Saint Nazaire

Nestled amongst the aeronautics and shipbuilding industries of saint-Nazaire, the Gavy site is graced with an industrial port environment. This campus also benefits from its proximity to the exceptional Guérande Peninsula and a number of seaside resorts.


Polytech Nantes offers :
- 8 engineering specializations : Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Material Sciences, Computer Sciences, Thermal and Energy Sciences, Electronic and Digital Technology, Energies, Process and BioProcess engineering

- continuing education,

- pre-doctoral and doctoral trainings,

- 8 labs and research teams.

The school in numbers :
- 1000 engineering students and more than 300 students preparing their pre-doctoral and doctoral theses,

- 300 Pré-Engineering students,

- 130 professors and assistant professors,

- 75  


The engineering students of Polytech Nantes all receive an education dedicated to mastering the science and techniques which form the base of an engineers knowledge. Apart from theorical instruction and general pracitical training, classes are centred on the fundamental themes and topics of each of the six specializations.

Courses in the social sciences, knowledge of businesses, and languages help to fill out of the engineering curriculum of our future engineers.


One of the missions of Polytech Nantes is to train engineers with a high level of scientific understanding. This objective can only be achieved if the school is supported by quality research teams. Numerous achievements and publications have lead to the international reknown of the research teams at Polytech Nantes.

Pre-doctoral and PhD research is also open to students who wish to participate in such research

Professional Network

From the outset, companies have played a significant role in ensuring the relevance of Polytech Nantes's course content.
They are very active on the school board and assessment committee.


The schools of the Polytech Group offer scientific and multidisciplinary training courses which corresponds to the high-level international masters (Master of science, Master of engineering with Honors).
Scientific, technical, professional, linguistic, social and human complements are added to these curses, which are the marker of the French engineer.

International students can apply to :

- engineering degree
- exchange programmes
- doctoral programmes

Important Dates

Thanks to the Région of Pays de la Loire, foreign students who study in France with n+i can have scholarships (7000€ in once).

Get some informations about scholarships before your coming in France.

Before committing yourself to a university course, you must be aware of the costs that will be incurred. For a smooth running of your studies, you must be certain that you will be able to finance them.

The student\'s card will be obtained only after payment of the following :

University enrolment fee : in France, university studies in regular courses taught in French are strongly subsidized by the French government ;  for international diplomas (in particular thos taught in english) please consult the specific page to be informed on their fee.

Books / Materials  :
During the first month, the cost of course materials provided by Polytech\'Nantes amounts to about 100 € per year; consider extra costs to purchase of books on a voluntary basis.

Cost life is about 600€ by month.

Available master
Student Life
All students have the opportunity to participate in the organizations and clubs at Polytech\\\'Nantes.
Thanks to these activities, our students take away a number of skills invaluable to any engineer, including a solid team spirit and good people skills, as well as the ability to take on responsibility and initiatives and to open their minds to others.
The many and varied activities open to students allow them to get involved in their community and to truly blossom..


Most of students live outside of the campus and use easily  transports to come to school.

The housing market -as in all University towns - is saturated by September.
 It is highly recommended to seek for accommodation in June or July.

The International service of Polytech Nantes can help students for accomodation facilities.

Accommodation fees
Accommodations are available within the university campus, but most students seek for accommodation in town. Rents may vary between €200 and €300 per month (allow for a deposit : usually 2 months rent).

Allow for insurance for any kind of accommodation, as well as the housing tax for accommodation in town.
Some figures

Engineering programme : 132 foreign students
48 in third year
51 in fourth year
33 in fifth year

Masters and Ph.D. programmes :

16% international students from 33 countries
Partnership with n+i

Polytech Nantes is a member of this network since 2008.


Polytech\'Nantes is a member of the Polytech Group.
The Polytech Group is a national network of graduate engineering schools within France\'s leading science universities. Today, the Polytech Group is made up of  11 university engineering schools :

Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble, Lille, Marseille, Montpellier, Nice, Nantes, Paris Sud, Paris UPMC, Annecy-Chambery, Orléans et Tour.

The school is also a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE).

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Moreover, SCUT, GDUT, SMU (China), BK-BIET, UPES (India), Lebanon University (Lebanon), UNITEN (Malaysia) joint program agreement and exchange agreement.

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