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ITECH-Lyon is a Grande Ecole private institution, offering a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering (Diplôme D'ingénieur). 

The four specialisations based on polymer sciences offered at ITECH are: 

- Chemistry formulation (Paint-Inks-Adhesives-Cosmetics)

- Textile technology

- Plastic manufacturing technology

- Leather-Leathergoods and shoe manufacturing 


Itech has strong links with the industries of these fields, allowing students to have international careers in R&D, production, quality management, marketting, etc.... 


Lyon is located in the south-east of France, only 2 hours by train from Paris and 1hr40 from Marseille and the Mediterranean. Historically, Lyon is an industrial city and therefore houses many chemical industries along the Saône and Rhône Rivers, but it is also one of the most visited cities in France for its culture, historical and gastronomy heritage spanning over 2000 years.If it's the mountains you prefer, the Alps are a mere 90 minutes away by car, the Massif Central only 30 minutes away.

Lyon is also the city with the second largest number of students in France, with three universities and many engineering schools. In terms of its population, it’s the 3rd biggest city in France, with over 470,000 inhabitants, and the second largest agglomeration after Paris (2 million inhabitants).

Discover more at onlylyon.com/en, such as cultural events, tourist attractions and every other part there is to know about one of the most dynamic and attractive cities in France.


ITECH is an institute created by and for the industry of Applied Polymer Sciences: paints, inks, cosmetics, adhesives, textile, plastic materials, leather...

Over the course of 3 years, students spend up to 12 months as interns in different companies. This allows them to obtain essential skills in team work before graduation. There's also a mandatory internship abroad after the first year: students are encouraged to travel and experience different cultures and working environments in order to enrich their work ethics.

ITECH also offers courses in socio-economics and management which represent a third of the curriculum. These courses teach important aspects of the working environment and are necessary for any type of engineer. The last third of the curriculum is dedicated to practicals in chemistry and applied polymer technologies.

As of 2014, ITECH has launched, in partnership with the paint industry, a new English taught programme: the European School of Formulation Chemistry. This new section is sponsored by paint companies which give scholarships covering tuition fees and allowing for internships within their establisments.

In 2017, this section opened for the Textile specialisation with sponsorship from French companies helping. The scholarships for selected student will follow the same principles as the Formulation Chemistry major: students selected at ITECH, following their academic and English level, are presented to the companies through a 3 minute video presentation competition. Participants outline their desire to study and work in their respective fields, what they are looking for with a sponsorship from a company, and what they can bring to a team which is looking for young qualified new talent.

2018 will see the openning of the Plastic Materials major in English giving students the choice of following lessons in English or in French for 3 out of 4 specialisations.


In 2018, we will also see the beginning of a full semester exchange with the University of Zagreb. All students entering into M1 European Section (all majors included) will go abroad to do their semester in Croatia between mid-September 2018 to mid-January  2019.

This exchange will give students valuable experience in studying and working in a different environment all while acquiring the necessary knowledge in Polymer Science and Physical Chemistry in order to continue on in their chosen major in the spring/summer semester at ITECH.

Professional Network

ITECH relantionships with investing companies is essential to it's existence. Partnerships are created via apprenticeship students trained at the school and through business services in applies polymer science.

The institute created by professionals and is anchored in an industrial environment which is constantly changing. For this reason, professional syndicates and industrialists in each field (paints, inks, cosmetics, plastics, leather, and textile) sit on the Board of Directors of the Institute. The school takes into account the expertise of these respective syndicates in order to update and refine the orientations of the programs taught. The relations that are forged with the firms contribute in promoting the adaptability of the future engineer (Conferences, information days, professional forums...). 

ITECH-Lyon and its subsidiary, ITECH Entreprises, make their full range of technical and human resources available to companies via various forms of contracts. These services include Research (CIFRE [industrial research training agreements], Studies...), R&D, analysis and trials, consultancy, expertise, audits, rental of equipment with possible staff secondment (full-time research professors) and continuous vocational training.



As the core of our teaching revolves around Polymers and their applications in industry, we recruit applicants with Bachelor level degrees in Chemsitry or a similar Bachelors in Science with sufficient knowledge in Chemistry.

An interview will be done by the school in order to assess the motivation of the applicant. Official jurys take place in April or in July in order to validate the application.


Important Dates

Students accepted through the n+i network receive an official admission after one of the 2 jurys organized by ITECH in 2018 (depending on which n+i session the candidate is admitted on):

Jury of April 2018

Jury beginning of July 2018

Classes for students entering 1st or 2ndyear start mid-September 2018.




As of 2014 a new programme has been launched by ITECH: classes for the Formulation Chemistry specialization will be taught in English for the 3 years ((Paints-Inks-Adhesives-Cosmetics).

This initiative was launched in partnership with companies from the paint industry, the aim goal being to form highly qualified engineers in the field of paints as the demand is increasing.

Students can apply for full tuition fees coverage by submitting a 3 minute video "Paint Yourself" presenting themselves and showing their motivation in joining the paint idustry. Winners will have support from companies participating in program allowing for each student to have a sponsor company who take them on for internships.

Students, including foreigners are eligible for Explora grants(2 times maximum, need at least 1 year in a a Rhône-Alpes Region University) and Erasmus "Stage" grants which helps students with living expenses during internships:

-1st year: 6 to 8 weeks (11 weeks for the English program)

-2nd year: 2 to 3 months

-3rd year: 6 months


Regular tuition fees are 6 500€ /year for the engineering degree in French and in English for students coming through the n+i network.

For the english section, the support from the Paint, Textile and Plastic industries allow for students to obtain scholarships that cover the the tuition fees and also takes care of interships within a sponsor company.

Available master
Student Life
Social Life: Student Union (BDE: Bureau Des Elèves)
Organized by students for the students, it manages a range of services that are meant to make student life enjoyable: managing the student area, sales of sandwiches and drinks, organizing events...
Each year begins with a Freshman’s Weekend (WEI – Weekend d’Intégration) in October. Many students are involved in humanitarian association through Solidar’ITECH.
The student union also organizes a buddy system for foreign in order to facilitate their integration and local life in Lyon.
Sports life: sports club (BDS: Bureau des Sports)
This club manages the many sport disciplines related to the National Federation of University Sports (handball, football, volley,...) , and organizes the ski weekend and other events and activities. The BDS also invites ITECH students to participate in the TIC (Tournoi Inter Chimie) that reunites every year all chemical engineering schools in France.
ITECH provides help upon request for the students who are searching for housing near the school:single rooms, individual studios, shared accommodation. Accomodation expensis are around 500€/month. Contact: florence.mini@itech.fr
CROUS of Lyon: help in housing search, scholarships demands (after 1 year of studies in France), shared accomodation search. The CROUS also offers meals at interesting prices in dedicated structures (around 4 to 6€/meal).
Accommodation fees
Some figures

ITECH Lyon receives around 3 to 5 foreign students each year and would like to increase this number to attain our goal of 20 to 30 foreign students per year in order to respond to an international industrial demand of foreign post-graduates.

Partnership with n+i

ITECH is a recent member of the n+i network. We received our first student this September 2015 coming from Egypte and we look forward to welcoming others from countries throughout the World.

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Visit the official website at

n+i Representative
Nathalie PINTON