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ENSIM - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs du Mans
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ENSIM is an engineering school which is a member of the Archimède Group.
It recruits students with a grounding in scientific culture and open-minded approach to their environment.

ENSIM offers two specialisations, each with two options :
Vibrations & acoustics (VA) to improve vibratory and acoustic comfort
Measurement & instrumentation (SPMI) to devise intelligent measuring systems
Real-time & embedded systems architecture (ASTRE) to develop embedded software and smart devices
Person-system interaction (IPS) to invent tomorrow's digital society.

The first semester of the Master n+ provides students with final grounding in elements specific to engineering culture, enables them to acquire the final core scientific skills and prepares them for their subsequent specialisation. The next two semesters (2nd semester in 1st year / 1st semester in 2nd year) provide students with specific technical knowledge for their chosen option. Students also perfect skills specific to engineering (management, quality, managing innovation, company culture, projects). During this part of their studies students may go on a two-month industrial placement. The last stage of study is a final six-month industrial or research placement enabling engineering students to familiarise themselves with the demands of their profession.


ENSIM is located on the campus of the Université du Maine, in Le Mans, France. With 10,000 students on two campuses (Le Mans 9,200 and Laval 800), the university is connected with many partners across 5 continents in order to encourage and develop its research and teaching activities.

Lying at the heart of a motorway network and 54 minutes from Paris, Le Mans is the second greenest town in France, with a population of 151,000 inhabitants in the town itself and 200,000 inhabitants in Le Mans area.
A tramway running across the town links the TGV station to the University (15 minutes from the station), sporting facilities and hospital centre.
Le Mans is a town of history and culture and hosts numerous events including the Europa jazz festival, the Carrefours de la Pensée, Puls'Art, the festival de l'Epau, the Nuit des Chimères and the 25th Heure du livre among others.
National and international sporting events are held all year round, such as the 24 Heures du Mans, the Ouest-France cross-country race, the Le Mans French Moto Grand Prix, the Le Mans 10 km and semi-marathon, and the 24H Rollers event.



ENSIM's Master's Degree in Engineering is accredited by the French Accreditation Board for Engineering Education. It also has the EUR-ACE quality label. The school is part of the Université du Maine and benefits from all its facilities. It is underpinned by internationally recognized research laboratories in acoustics, optics, micro-technologies (one clean room), IT, chemistry, physics...The training is based on the quality of support and assistance provided by recognized research-active staff.

ENSIM is a centre for student life. It seeks to establish a genuine, close-knit year-group, with social relations being further enhanced by people's diverse backgrounds and international origins. The school is committed to ensuring students receive the correct supervision, with appropriate class sizes for taught classes (24 max) and practicals (12 max). More flexible teaching and tutoring is available for specific purposes. From the beginning of their studies, students receive continuous support.

50% of supervised coursework is devoted to practicals (700h) and projects (300h). ENSIM also has an IT pool that is permanently open to students. Our teaching and industrial equipment includes thermographic cameras, a sonic reverberation measuring chamber, a wind turbine generator and generating set, a laser holography platform, a robotics project room, a controlled-atmosphere micro-technology room, a language laboratory, an on-line learning platform, a tactile terminals room, peripherals with movement sensors and a humanoid robot.

Professional Network

ENSIM works closely and actively with people in industry and research. A series of sponsor schemes, placements and project studies and implementations provide training for future engineers whilst remaining attentive to the skills sought by companies and research laboratories.

Each student is followed by an industrial sponsor who introduces them to the way their company operates. This approach build up the industrial sponsor's awareness of the school's teaching areas and partnership opportunities. In addition to this, each year-group is mentored by an alumnus with a distinguished career record. Active alumni support facilitates the employment of recent graduates.

The students are involved in projects based on the needs of industry and research laboratories such as:
Instrumentation for a car prototype
Acoustics of musical instruments / 3D acoustic imaging

Fabrication of a millimetric microphone
Entry for the French robotics championship
Quality approach in metrology
3D optical measures by fringe projection
Monitoring of hospital patient's walking via embedded system
Controlling a robot using an Iphone
Home automation, multimodal control system for home environment
Mobility, design of service application using tactile interface

Decision-making, study for supervision interface
Task assistance, fabrication of companion software


ENSIM has just joined the n+i network. We are ready to welcome very good students intending to specialise in vibrations / acoustics, measurement / instrumentation, embedded real-time systems, person-system interaction.

Important Dates

Recruitment starts in October and ends in June of the academic year to attend the lectures the following academic year.


As ENSIM is part of the Université du Maine and is a State Engineering School, the state subsidies cover most of the tuition costs. The remaining sum the students have to pay is equal to 814,57€ (for each year). This sum does not include lodgings or food expenses.

Available master
Student Life

Student clubs are an integral part at ENSIM. The school's clubs are run by students and offer varied and diverse activities after class.
The Student Union (BDE) brings together a large number of activities at the school, going from sports and leisure (football, juggling, poker) to culture (music, drama and shows) and culinary arts ( cafeteria, tastings...). The BDE also organises events like the Freshers' period and the Christmas meal. Other, more independent bodies at ENSIM complete the range of activities on offer with clubs for film lovers, photographers and a sound lovers club even. The GALA Association brings together former and current school members, together with their family, school staff, and ENSIM partners for the graduation gala evening. The ENSIMELEC Club represents the school at the French robotics championship.

ENSIM is also at the heart of the campus and students can make the most of all the shared facilities the Université du Maine has to offer, such as its university library, electronic learning systems, cultural and sporting activities, student clubs, and medical and social services. Ever attentive to the need for students to be open to experiences outside their studies, the university offers cultural services and a student life centre with a wide range of activities such as drawing, painting, sculpture, comics, theater, music, cinema. Besides, whether you are a high level competitor or a complete beginner, you can participate in the 45 sports and activities offered at the university.  All in all, the university hosts around 200 events every year organised by 40 student associations: Culture Week, Music Week, Student Museum Evening, conferences, concerts, art expos, photography, numerous invitations to explore new horizons.


Students joining ENSIM in the frame of an established partnership are considered priority students by the Central International Office and may be granted a room, a studio or a T1bis in one of the halls of residence of the university.

Other possibilities exist, such as sharing a flat or house with other students, individual lodgings in the centre of town...

Accommodation fees

The rooms / studios in the Halls of residence of the Université du Maine range from 10m² to 25m². The cost for a standard room is around 220 € per month, around 300€ for a studio.

A standard rent in Le Mans for a small flat (en-suite bathroom) is around 400€ per month.

Some figures

The number of foreign students at ENSIM is around 25% of the total number of students. Most of these students join the school in first year and graduate after three years. Some arrive in the frame of specific partnerships and attend the courses in the last two years only (equivalent of the Master's Degree).

Partnership with n+i

ENSIM has just joined the n+i network. Our wish is to welcome very good students who intend to specialise in vibrations/acoustics, measurement/instrumentation, embedded real-time systems, person-system interaction.


ENSIM has many international partnerships with institutions in Denmark, the UK, Spain, the Czech Republic, Germany, Canada, Brasil, etc. 20% of engineering placements take place in foreign companies or research laboratories in Japan, the USA, Canada, the EU...

Students are recruited from Europe, Central Africa, China, North Africa, as the school's policy clearly fosters international exchanges and the co-existence of several cultures on a day-to-day basis in ENSIM's facilities.

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