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Mines-Nantes forms engineers and researchers to serve and anticipate the needs of industry. Its close relationship with the corporate world offers a double guarantee: to companies, both SMEs and large groups from diverse sectors, that they will always find graduates from the School with profiles necessary for their development; and to students, the certainty of exciting careers.
Directly administered by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment the vocation of  Mines-Nantes is to be the natural partner for companies, in terms of training, research and technology transfer. To carry out these missions, it is not alone: it is part of the Institute Mines-Telecom, a network of Graduates Schools of Engineering and Management  united around the same values and a common vision.


Mines-Nantes has built its curriculum around two major orientations.

Within the frame of the multi-disciplinary training at Mines-Nantes, students are able to choose in particular between two orientations after the two-year common core program :

- Environmental sciences and energy systems, including nuclear engineering

- Information sciences and technology

These orientations meet the evolving needs of industry and the corporate world.


Discover the campus of Mines-Nantes  -  Graduate School of Engineering

A place of life in total harmony with each one… The campus of Mines-Nantes was truly thought for its students in engineering. Equipment with the leisures while passing by the accesses networks, nothing was left randomly.

EMN vue extérieur

The students’ residence comprises 639 studios and small apartments (520 on campus, the rest down-town at Pitre-Chevalier) grouped into several smaller units to favour interaction between students. Silence and comfortable working conditions are a welcome bonus. Each room has been designed so that students do not need to worry about any material details. They simply need to come with a toothbrush, a few dishes and laundry. The school has a self-service restaurant seating 1000. Lunch and dinner are served Monday through Friday.


Webly Yours

The campus has everthing you could wish for as regards computer equipment and Internet access. Mines-Nantes has 6 PC rooms (Unix and Windows) and all student apartments are connected to the school computer network. Whether it is for study or leisure, students are permanently connected via the wireless network, which covers the entire campus.


Keep fit!

When they’re not studying, what do engineering students do? Most often some kind of sporting acivity. And in this respect, Mines-Nantes has by no means skimped on facilities: it has a quality sports complex, accessible at any time with a personal smart card.
Sport is an integral part of the curriculum through a wide range of activities. In addition to 300 hours on the timetable set aside to developing a healthy body as well as a healthy mind, students have access as they wish to the magnificent facilities during their free time.

The sports facilities include:

* A gymnasium for: badminton (6 courts), tennis (4 courts), table tennis (8 tables), volleyball (3 courts), basketball (2 pitches), handball (1 pitch), indoor football( 1 pitch).
* A fitness room and cardio training eqipment with 32 workstations
* A tatami for martial arts and gymnastics
* A mountainbike park
* 4 outdoor tennis courts
* 1 outside volleyball pitch
* And of course the Erdre for rowing, sailing… and for jogging on the river banks.



Key strengths

• A multi-disciplinary school providing a strong scientific and technological background as well as strong project management skills.

A step-by-step practical training for industry and the corporate world through project work and internships in companies where the students acquire invaluable experience and professional skills for their future career.

A strong international dimension with more than 40 university partnerships worldwide leading to joint research projects, student and teacher exchange and currently 13 double degrees.

Innovative teaching methods to foster the development of competences such as: the sense of observation, deduction, teamwork, a taste for entrepreneurship, management skills etc.


Professional Network

Since its establishment, Mines-Nantes has placed partnerships with companies at the heart of its development.

From involvement in curriculum design to hosting students for internships, the corporate world is present at all levels in the education of Mines-Nantes engineer.

The School helps companies in their search for solutions and in the development of new products. High-level researchers propose innovative approaches to solving scientific and industrial problems

This strategy of corporate partnerships has proved successful as illustrated by the wide range of cooperation that Mines-Nantes has set up with companies.

  • Consultancy, techncal audits and research contracts
  • Development of specific technical solutions, feasibility studies, process or software implementation, etc.
  • Staff training
  • European projects
  • Scientific support
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Industrial research chairs



Most of our Master programs starts at the beginning of September. International students are also recommended to participate in our "French Summer School" in July and August before starting the Master program in order to improve the language and culture skills and to get used to the French environment.

Some of our Masters "i" have an intake in winter, usually at the beginning of February.

Important Dates

The recruitment session starts in October year N-1, and  stops in April for September intake.

Students have to confirm registration at least 2 months before the beginning of the program.


Scholarships are available and are based on :

- academic excellence


And comes from Industry, our school, the region Pays de la Loire


The tuition fees depend on the program, have a look on the program itself.

Available master
Student Life
Since they are trained to elaborate projects, students are strongly encouraged to organise and take part in leisure activities, sporting events, business ventures and to support public initiatives.
Therefore there are numerous associations at the EMNantes set up and run by students.
The BDE (Bureau Des Eleves/Students’ Union) is an association run by students, and dealing with after-school activities. For instance it helps student teams find sponsors for their projects, or provide logistic support for some events.
Moreover the BDE supports all kinds of clubs at the students’ request:
The “Welcome company”
This team of students is in charge of welcoming new foreign students and helping them integrate by organising parties and trips all year long.
The “Association Sportive” (AS/The sports club)
This association edits the school’s sports magazine, and organises sporting events and competitions with other schools, etc.
This association constitutes the students’ own company. It is run by ten students from the EMNantes and recruits volunteers to carry out projects requested by business companies. These projects are quite varied, ranging from the creation of web sites and databases to translations, company visits… As a matter of fact MiND provides good opportunities for students eager for professional experience.
And there are many more clubs for those interested in Circus acrobatics, Drama, Music, Art, Robotics, Photography, Cooking…etc. Foreign students are welcome to join all these associations and clubs!
There is a possibility for all the students to get individual accommodation at the «Maison Des Eleves» (MDE) on the campus. We recommend this solution; the rooms are convenient and cheap.
The accomodations include privat bathroom and a small kitchen equipped with fridge.
There is a LAN network in all the flats of the “Maison des Elèves”.
This LAN includes a permanent internet connection through a firewall.
Each flat has a telephone line but it is necessary to take a line rental. If you plan to bring a telephone with you, make sure it is adapted to French standards.

The “Maison des Eleves” also puts at the students’ disposal 4 washing machines, 4 tumble dryers and 2 bicycle sheds. 

Accommodation fees

Prices from 01/09/2009 to 31/08/2010
for EMNantes students


“studette” 18m²

“T1 bis” 30m²

Monthly rent in Euro €



Administrative fees at arrival






Some figures

EMNantes receives about 150 international students each year including:

- 30 to 40 international students join the Master degree program in engineering for one-year credit transfer or two-year double-diploma program.

- more than one hundred international students study into our International Masters of Science taught in English.

Partnership with n+i

We are new comers.

Universty partners for double diploma:
• Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal - CANADA
• Virginia Tech – USA
• Georgia Tech – USA
• Itesm (Tech de Monterrey) - MEXICO  
• Universidad de Los Andes - COLOMBIA
• Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) - BRAZIL
• Universidade Federal Espirito Santo – BRAZIL
• Shanghai Jiao Tong University – CHINA
• University of Tokyo – JAPAN
• Bauman Institute – RUSSIA
• Universidad politécnica de Madrid – SPAIN
• KTH Stockholm – SWEDEN
• Technishe Universität Berlin – GERMANY
• Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie - TUNISIA
• Audencia Nantes - FRANCE
University partners for credit transfer:
• University of Laval Québéc- CANADA
• Simon Bolivar University – VENEZUELA
• Universidad de Chile – CHILE
• University of Santiago - CHILE
• Universidade Federal Santa Catarina – BRAZIL
• Université d’Etat de Rio de Janeiro - BRAZIL
• Indian Institute of Technology Delhi – INDIA
• Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur - INDIA
• University of Pune - INDIA
• Vishwakarma Institute of Technology - INDIA
• Hanoi University of technology - VIETNAM
• University of Transport and Communications Hanoi - VIETNAM
• Danang University - VIETNAM
• Nanjing University of Science and Technology – CHINA
• Wuhan automotive Polytechnique University - CHINA
• Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – HONG KONG
• Université M’Hamed Bougara Boumèrdes - ALGERIA
• Enset Oran - ALGERIA 
• Strathclyde University - UK
• Warwick University - UK
• University of Liverpool - UK
• University of Wales-Swansea - UK
• University of Cardiff – UK
• Chalmers University of Technology - SWEDEN
• Lund Institute of Technology - SWEDEN
• DTU Denmark - DENMARK
• Aalborg University - DENMARK
• NTNU Trondheim– NORWAY
• Molde University College - NORWAY
• Technical University of Budapest - HUNGARY
• Bucharest University of Technology – ROMANIA
• University of Koblenz - GERMANY
• University of Stuttgart - GERMANY
• Technical University of Munchen - GERMANY
• Universidad de Zaragoza - SPAIN
• Politecnico di Milano - ITALY
• Universita di Pavia - ITALY
• University di Study di Cagliary – ITALY
• Université libre de Bruxelles – BELGIUM
• Vrije Universiteit Brussel - BELGIUM 
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