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INSA Rouen - Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Rouen
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INSA Rouen is a member of the INSA Group made of 5 engineering schools which train over 10% of graduate engineers in France.

Our core activities are teaching and research in science and technology. We provide fully integrated 5-year gradute engineering programmes in a broad spectrum of disciplines : Information Systyems; Mathematical & Software Engineering ; Mechanical engineering ; Energy Engineering ; Chemistry & Chemical Engineering ; Industrial Ecology; Civil Engineering .

Most of our students are recruited on academic merit after completing their secondary studies, but admission is also possible for holders of a recognized Bachelor's degree in a relevant field.



The city of Rouen is the regional capital of Normandy and lies in the Seine river valley, halfway between Paris and the sea. The INSA  campus is located on the Madrillet Technopole to the south of Rouen, in fine wooded surroundings at the terminus of the public transport link 'metrobus', 20 minutes from downtown. The Madrillet Technopole is a major regional science & technology hub, with research laboratories, R&D centres, in addition to engineering schools and Rouen University science campus. Our student residences (self-catering) are all within easy walking distance, and there are cafeterias and a student restaurant.

Rouen is 70 minutes from Paris by train.



INSA Rouen has   a strong international dimension : over 20% of our students are from abroad, and  French students are expected to gain first-hand international experience during their studies.

In addition to scientific excellence a strong emphasis is placed on developing in our students the interpersonal skills (teamwork, leadership, management, communication ...)  necessary for a successful career today.

Study takes a variety of forms :  classic lectures, tutorials, lab sessions, group and individual projects, industry placements, web-based learning ... .

Students' creativity and artistic talents are fostered by the possibility to follow special study programmes at INSA, in parallel with science and engineering, in theatre, visual arts or music  thanks to our partnerships with professionals. INSA has a Culture Office whose role is to promote cultural activities ( exhibitions, events, artists' residences, excursions...) within the INSA and aroud the area.

Sport is an integral part of the curriculum, and a wide variety of sports activities are proposed.

Professional Network

The Rouen region has a very rich industrial sector, ( automobile, aerospace, cosmetics, chemicals, IT service providers...) and the neighbouring Paris basin offers thousands of opportunities for cooperation with industry. Interaction with our industry partners is a major characteristic of INSA engineering education, ensuring that our graduates meet the needs of their future employers.

Professionals sit on our Board of Governors (Conseil d'Administration), and take part in the teaching, propose project topics, and co-supervise students' placements in their companies. 

As part of their degree course INSA students are required to do a minimum of 3 placements in industry during the 5-year programme :

year one : minimum 4 weeks  line work in manufacturing

year three or four  : minimum 8 weeks technical placement

year five :  minimum 21 weeks (semester 10) engineer internship




We joined two years ago, but this year we intend to recruit for the first time at Master\'s level 

Important Dates

As early as possible.


We apply for EIFFEL scholarships on behalf of exceptional candidates


Fees for M1 : 1500€

Fees for M2 : 1000€

Student Life

INSA has its own halls of residence on campus and guarantees accommodation for international students

Accommodation fees

Rent varies according to the type of accommodation but is on average,  heating included, around 300€/month for a self-catering studio apartment with kitchenette and shower (about  18 sq.m.)

Some figures

Our current enrollmentof international students is 315, including non-degree exchange students, out of a total student body of  1534

 In 2009, 32 international students graduated with hte Diplôme d'Ingénieur degree out of a total of 280 students

Partnership with n+i

We have been members since 2009 and have not yet received students through it


80 partnership and exchange agreements with HEIs worldwide. Double degree programmes with Cranfield University UK, Santa Catarina Federal University and Uberlandia Federal University Brazil. Joint degree programmes with Kaiserslautern University in Germany.

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