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AGROCAMPUS OUEST is a new born French institution of Higher Education and Research, founded by the well-known graduate institutions in Sciences an engineering : Agrocampus Rennes and the National Institute of Horticulture - Angers.

With 150 permanent research-lecturers associated with 350 scientists in different research units, we offer to 1900 students a wide and unique choice of training courses  in the field of Life Sciences, Agriculture and Landscape. In full accordance with the European standards ( Bologna Process), we propose :

Two training cycles postgraduate courses :

“Ingénieur” : an advanced master in science and technology. (“n +” master’s degree )

Master of science : a 2 years post-bachelor program, in partnership with other universities. (“i” master’s degree)


AGROCAMPUS OUEST is located in the west of France one of the most important agricultural production region of France and Europe.

One campus on  Rennes at about two hours from Paris by TGV and one hour from the Atlantic Ocean (Mont St Michel), and the other one at Angers about one hour and a half by TGV from Paris.

Both campus are close to the downtown area, Rennes and Angers are cities of art and history, famous for their cultural and economic vitality. More than 60 000 students in Rennes, 30 000 in Angers.

- AGROCAMPUS OUEST - Rennes  :  programms in agriculture and food sciences  with 7 areas of knowledge (  economics and management, livestock production sciences, food safety, bio-industries, environment and sustainable development, sea sciences and seashore, biomathematics)

- AGROCAMPUS OUEST - Angers :  programms in horticulture, crops and seeds, landscape and environment.



AGROCAMPUS OUEST conducts an ambitious scientific policy covering all the fields of agricultural sciences :

-         Innovative and sustainable agricultural production systems

-         Sea, environment, landscape : integrated management of natural resources and landscape

-         Food and food production 

Both applied and academic research respond to ever increasing socio-economic demands : sustainable development, renewable energy, environmental care, food safety...

The professors and researchers of AGROCAMPUS OUEST carry out their work in close partership with research institutions, in particular with INRA , mainly in joint research units. They also enlarge strong and productive collaborations with the best European and International Research teams.

AGROCAMPUS OUEST awards the PhD degree, 130 PhD students  work on a thesis subject in our research laboratories.

All that means that education is very linked with research.

Agrocampus Ouest have a strong international experience and network based on exchanges with more than 80 universities all over the world.

12 % of Agrocampus Ouest students are international students and we have a welcome policy intended to facilitate their arrival and life on the campus.


Professional Network

AGROCAMPUS OUEST is in the first agricultural region of Europe and  is strongly associated with professionals and institutions through an active partnership policy which favours Research, Technology Transfer and Innovation Support.

Agrocampus Ouest belongs to 3 competitiveness clusters (major companies, SMEs, research, centers and higher education institutions) : Vegepolys (specialized plants), Valorial (food for tomorrow), Mer Bretagne (marine and maritime resources) .

Agrocampus Ouest is founding member of 3 networks :

Université Européenne de Bretagne (4000 researchers, 3000 PhD students)

Université Nantes Angers, Le Mans ( 4200 researchers, 2300 PhD students)

Agreenium (5650 researchers, 2200 PhD students)


AGROCAMPUS OUEST and especially the " Angers Campus" welcome N+I students since 2OO6.

 The registration process are discribed on our website .

Important Dates

We register foreign students untill the end of april every year.



We don't have any scholarships to offer to foreign students.


The costs of study including a specific french course for foreign students and social security are around 2000 euros per year and reevaluate every year.

Student Life

There are many students's associations on the two campuses wich favour community life.


AGROCAMPUS OUEST provides individual rooms for foreign students.

There are lodging and a restaurant on the campus at Rennes,  outside the campus at Angers.

See in our website


Accommodation fees

See in our website 

The average cost for both restaurant and lodging are 4OO euros per month.

Some figures

Every year, AGROCAMPUS OUEST welcomes about 200 foreign students in its master and Phd programms.

About 40 of them are exchange students, and we graduate about 50 foreign students per year (Phd and master).


Partnership with n+i

AGROCAMPUS OUEST is N+I member until its creation in 2008, but  Angers center is member since 2006 and welcome every year between one or three n+I students.


AGROCAMPUS OUEST has about 80 bilateral agreements with foreign Universities or Research Institutes all over the wold.

AGROCAMPUS OUEST is member of the internationnal  corsortium who proposes the International Master in Rural Development wich is a master Erasmus Mundus.

AGROCAMPUS OUEST is engaged in many european projects in education and research.

Official website
Visit the official website at

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