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EI Purpan - Ecole d'Ingénieurs de PURPAN
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With strong agricultural and historical roots going back to 1919, PURPAN has encouraged the development of active and adaptable men and women through personal commitment, solidarity and strong ethical standards.
Our research/lecturers are strongy involved in helping students during both lectures and field trips.
Our educational philosophy for individual success is based on personal mentoring.Through our constant attention, we help revealing the potential of each student to achieve his/her personal and professional goals.
Our teaching staff is involved in consulting activities. PURPAN’s laboratories and research teams develop scientific programmes designed to meet the expectations of businesses. PURPAN’s excellence in this area is one of its main strengths.
Our strong international presence is based on exchanges with numerous partner universities (6-month exchanges for 4th year students, double-degrees options). All of our students have one compulsory internship abroad. This allows them to  gain at least 9 months of inter-cultural experience during their studies. 
The core aim of our mission is to allow students to identify and then use these assets to create successful lives.
EI Purpan belongs to a consortium of 4 Engineering Institutes, called the FESIA, Fédération des Ecoles Supérieures d’Ingénieurs en Agriculture, whose other members are ESA in Angers, ISA in Lille, and ISARA in Lyon.
They all offer the possibility of building the same Engineering’s level curriculum (French Diplôme d’Ingénieur corresponding to a Master’s Degree) in different areas: Agriculture, Agribusiness, Food Industry, Environment and Land-use planning. Our Engineering degrees give access to PhD programme and are fully accredited by the French and International standards.

Purpan, a pleasant community close to the downtown area. 

Close to Toulouse's city centre, public transport, motorways and the airport, PURPAN offers its students an ideal environment in which to live and study, on a spacious and green campus.

PURPAN is located in the second largest UNIVERSITY CITY in France:


Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France and is a lively and friendly place to live, in the heart of the Southwest region;
A large number of high-quality labels, brands and "AOC" ("controlled origin") products are produced in our region.

Toulouse is also home to Airbus headquarters, Space industry and Biotech industry.


The curriculum, a mentored educational programme.

PURPAN: A CONSISTENT AND DIVERSE 5 YEAR COURSE / 2 year course for n+i students
With ongoing mentoring throughout their five years, students will benefit from a rich and diverse range of experiences.
During the first three years we build up Engineering Sciences, Life Sciences, tools and methods.
Approximately 60 permanent lecturer/researchers, all with high-level skills and almost
70% of whom have PhDs, carry out scientific research that is recognised and well-known. The team has been trained in mentoring and is committed to supervise students and help them to fully realise their potential.
Over 200 adjunct faculty from the professional world have been selected for their excellence in the educational and professional worlds. They add to the richness and diversity of the teaching staff.
Professional Network

Research and consulting take up a significant amount of our research lecturers’ time.

Through these consulting activities, they benefit from ongoing links with the business world. Professional consultancy, research contracts, investigation and advisory projects, internships, employment opportunities… these are some of the tasks they perform in the professional environment.
With a long tradition of creative business management, PURPAN is a major player in the professional world as well as the teaching world:
• Organising business forums, trade forums
• Participating in young entrepreneur competitions
• Supporting junior companies managed by engineering students
• Supporting business projects through Intellagri, the capital investment company of the PURPAN Group
• Business advice and incubation for new business and development projects
• Active associate for 2 competitiveness centres in the Midi-Pyrénées: Cancer Bio-Santé and Agrimip Innovation

November 30th, February 23rd , April 22nd: students will be informed of our proposals.


Important Dates

We follow only N+i calendar.


Eiffel scholarships


Tuition fees for n+i students are 5780 euros per year, 2900 per semester.

This includes tuition, all fees, as well as "sécurité sociale".

Student Life


Students at PURPAN enjoy a rich social life allowing them to exercise the human aspects of being an engineer and citizen and to learn responsibility and commitment to others.
The Student Union (SU)
The members of the SU are elected by the students themselves, they are in charge of student activities and managing specific facilities (the student's common room, sports facilities) and clubs associated with: Photography, music, theatre, hiking, cinema, conferences and the “Purpan Flash” magazine.
A good number of teams take part in university championships (men and women's rugby, football, handball, basketball etc.)
PURPAN has on-campus facilities for: Football, rugby, tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball and badminton.
Creative and activity societies
“Hommes différents une action commune” (Individual men for common action), undertakes social activities and aid. they work in both developing countries and France.
• Viticulture
Students who are passionate about oenology organise wine tasting theme events, including the renowned “Cheese and Wine" evening.
• Purpan Junior
A “junior enterprise” society which is run by engineering students and which offers services to companies.
Seminars, exhibitions and events dealing with a variety of subjects which are culturally enriching.
• Close to the city centre, ring roads, the station and the airport
• Transport:
- Buses, tramway and underground nearby
- Secure parking for all vehicles
• Secure accommodation
help of the Purpan accommodation service is available  if needed:
we are able to offer access to a few  university residence rooms during 1st semester and a large choice of accommodation options in the private sector for following semesters.
• Eating out:
university restaurants and shopping centres nearby (not on campus)
Accommodation fees

Prices range from 400-500 euros per month for a furnished room with access to kitchen and bathroom in a shared appartment or with families.

A governemental allowance is available from French government after the first semester. 


Some figures

We host 10-15 international students per year who seek graduation, 40-50 international students for one semester and 60 students in our Summer Study Abroad Program.

Partnership with n+i

We have been welcoming students through n+i since 2005.


We have 67 active academic partners for students and teacher exchange and 7 different Dual Degree opportunities.

All of our French students must carry out study abroad or internship abroad during at least one semester.

Official website
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n+i Representative
Marie-Odile BISCH