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ISA Group: an Engineering Institute in Life Sciences and Management

The ISA Group is a French Engineering Institute in Life Sciences and Management, located in Lille, North of France. It counts 1,150 students and welcomes around 100 international students every year.

The ISA Group is member of the Lille Catholic University, France’s largest private university with 25,000  students and more than 2,500 international students.

Group ISA offers BSc, Masters and Engineering programs. All our programs combine innovative pedagogy and in depth-scientific expertise developed in our research labs in different fields of activities:

Environmental sciences, soil pollution, landscape management, waste and water treatment, energy, eco-buidling...

Agribusiness, economics, marketing and management in agro industry

Sustainable food management, food processing, quality and safety, R&D, sensory analysis, fermentation...

Agriculture, agri-food chain and rural development...

Teaching language is English or French, depending on the programme. 

ISA offers a high level academic training with practical experience (case studies, long professional immersions, group projects…) and individual tutoring.

All our ISA Engineering or Master’s degrees are fully accredited by the French, European and international standards and are giving access to PhD. 

For more information, please visit our website (http://www.isa-lille.com)


ISA, in the center of the young and dynamic city of Lille, at the gates of Europe

With a total of more than 150 000 students in the region, Lille is the 2Nd academic region in France, after Paris. It is also the 2nd region in terms of foreign investments and the 4th economic power in France.

Its privileged and strategic geographical situation, promoted by a very dense transportation network (train, airport, motorway), makes Lille a true gate to Europe. 

•    Paris is 1 hour away from Lille by TGV (high speed train)
•    London is 1 hour 20 minutes away by Eurostar via the Channel Tunnel
•    Brussels is 38 minutes away by Thalys (high speed train)
•    Amsterdam is 2 hours away by train

Located fifteen minutes from downtown, it offers almost 70 international flights. 

All of Europe is attracted by Lille, its quality of life, its economic vitality, its cultural life, its festive energy.
Major cultural venues, parks, community care, residential districts: Lille is a good place to live in!



Education and teaching methods : “learning by doing”

All our programs combine both theoretical teaching (strong scientific courses) and practical works. 

The teaching methods are based on active learning, which is particularly adapted to the reality of the professional life. Therefore, it allows the graduates to enter the job market quickly and efficiently.

- Internships: these individual professional experiences have to be carried out at the Master's level, in the first year (2 to 3 months) and in the second year (6 to 9 months), either in a lab or a company, in France or abroad. Each student has to analyze technical and management working problems and to propose relevant improvement actions. Internships are a step by step process which aims at giving responsibilities to the students.

During the industrial projects and internships, the students are supervised and guided both by a referent professor from the university and an industrial guide. The students will have to write a final report and to defend their work in the presence of the companies’ representatives.

- Industrial projects: These practical cases are provided by the university in cooperation with its industrial network. The students have to deal with specific issues for an industrial partner

The active learning is notably based on practical works in labs, case studies, industrial projects, internship in companies…

In every ISA programs (Bachelors, Masters, Engineering programs…), the professional immersions (internships and industrial projects) are compulsory and fully part of the curriculum.

In addition to this, our programs also include project management and intercultural activities to help the students develop their abilities to work in team and to reinforce transverse skills.

Professional Network

Industrial partnerships and corporate network:

With a network or more than 200 partner companies inr the sectors of agriculture, food industry and environment, ISA provides its students and alumni

  • excellent network of corporate tie-ups
  • business-oriented training suiting the sector’s needs on both the French and international markets 
  • 8 to 11 months of professional immersions in companies, in France or abroad
  • Industry associated faculty: invited experts, consultants, professionals…
  • Industrial and field visits
  • Career Fairs on campus to create internships and job opportunities




1. Deadline for application

see n+i scheduled sessions

2. Registration

- Complete all the n+i application

3. Useful information

- description of courses is available http://www.isa-lille.com



   1. Your marks are not equal or superior to 12/20
   2. You have not fulfilled all exam requirements related to the module


    Extra time and dictionary allowed for international students

ISA ENGINEERING DEGREE « Diplôme d’Ingénieur » :

You want to study at ISA for two years (postgraduate diploma) to obtain the Master’s Degree in Agriculture, “Diplôme d’Ingénieur de l’ISA”; please note the pre-requisites :
   - Bachelor degree in biology, agriculture, agronomy or other scientific disciplines.
   - Satisfactory level of French, allowing you to follow lectures and to study in French higher education (a DELF or DALF test is required)



Foreign students are required to have a satisfactory level of French, allowing them to follow lectures and to study in French higher education.

Therefore a copy of a DELF or DALF exam, or any test of French (TCF, other…) has to be sent together with the application form.
If the student does not have such a document, a letter of reference from a French teacher or from the Head of the Foreign Languages Department, should be sent (see registration form).

In addition to this, a letter of application, written in French by the student, also has to be added to the application form.

All international students have to follow the French classes organized at ISA (2 hrs/week). These classes are free of charge.

The students will get ECTS credits for these classes.


Important Dates

Please refer to the n+i sessions deadlines.


n+i students can apply to Eiffel scholarships and to French embassy scholarships. These scholarships offer around 615€ per month during the duration of the studies in France.


Depending on the specialization, each year at ISA may cost between 4200 and 4600€ (these fees may vary from year to year).

To this price, students must add the cost of Social Security (around 200 € per year).

Available master
Student Life

Living on a campus in the Heart of the City

The Campus is located in the heart of the city made up of cosmopolitan markets, stylish shops and beautiful gardens. It is surrounded by parks and nice avenues.

The campus has a sport centres, 4 restaurants, 1 health centre and gathers around 300 student associations (music, sport, culture, theatre, international clubs...). All the students have access to all these campus facilities and student activities. Every Thursday afternoon, for example, is devoted to sport; the students do not have class, so that they can practice their favourite sport in the sport complex.



The campus has 12 student residences. Some are located on the campus itself and the others are located at max. 15 minutes away by feet or by bus/subway. Every 15 minutes, city shuttles are stopping just in front of the university's main entrance and it is therefore very convenient for the students to travel from the campus to the residences.

Rooms are around 8-12 m² and are furnished with a bed, wardrobe, desk and chair and a sink. Showers and toilets are shared with the students living on the same floor.

Breakfast is served every weekday from 7 to 9 am and is included in the rent.


- kitchen

- TV room

- laundry room

- computer room

- bike storage

- possibility to rent bed linen

For more information, please visit the AEU website (http://www.aeu.asso.fr/residence_listing_084.htm)

Accommodation fees

Typical monthly budget:


Accommodation                                 from 250 to 400 Euros

Food                                                 180 Euros

Books and materials                           50 Euros

Transport                                           0 - 40 Euros

Personal                                            100 Euros

                                                         From 580 to 770 Euros

Don’t forget:    Tuition fees

                        Health insurance (198€ per year if student is under 28)

                        Housing deposit (1month rent) and accommodation insurance (around 40€/year)


Some figures

In 2008-2009, ISA Group has welcomed around 100 international students, from 16 different courntires (Brazil, Romania, India, China, Mexico, Hungary, Colombia, Argentina...)

Partnership with n+i

Since ISA joined the n+i network, the institute has welcomed 23 n+i students, from many different countries such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, Colombia or Hungary. 19 of them have graduated from ISA.

ISA is also active in participating in the recruiting and promotion missions abroad.


Partner Universities across the world:

The network linking ISA to such partner universities is global.

From year to year, such agreements are resulting in an ever increasing number of stays abroad, both for French students and ISA teacher-researchers.

These partnerships also allows foreign stduents the opportunity to come and study at ISA for a short academic exchange or for a complete MSc programme. time.

In cooperation with some strategic partners, ISA has also developped international MSc programmes such as double-degree or international twinning programmes, allowing French and foreign students to pursue an international curriculum and acquire international competencies.

Official website
Visit the official website at

n+i Representative
Thanh Ly LÊ MINH