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Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais Esitpa - Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais Esitpa

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LaSalle Beauvais was founded in 1854 and is supervised by the French Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. LaSalle Beauvais is a specialised university focusing on Agriculture, Nutrition & Health and Geosciences.  LaSalle Beauvais is a « Grande Ecole » with a highly selective student intake. It offers three 5-year Master diplomas in Agriculture, Food Industry and Health and Geology and Environment. In addition LaSalle Beauvais offers a Master in Plant Breeding (with the University of Gent, Belgium), a Master in Management of Urban Food Security and a BSc in Geology.



-    1900 students (coming from all over France)

-   Staff number: 200 lecturers (permanent or part-time) from industry, research institutes and other universities.





Beauvais is located in the north of France (50 miles north of Paris) in Picardy where agriculture is concentrated in crops (sugar beet, cereals, rape, peas) and diversified breeding. Many firms dealing with the food industry and international research centers are situated in the surrounding area.

Beauvais is a small city of 60,000 inhabitants, with a very interesting historical center known all over Europe for its gothic cathedral and its astronomical clock, unique in th eworld. Moreover, it has been famous for tapestry making for more than three century.

LaSalle Beauvais (10 minutes by bus from downtown) has an exceptional campus in the country-side (20 acres) surrounded by woods, with the Lake Canada offering people leisure and nature.

It is also located 5 minutes closed to the Paris-Beauvais airport offering low-cost travels to European countries.


LaSalle Beauvais campus, surrounded by woods, is just over 2 miles from downtown Beauvais, where you can find every commodity.  

Halls of Residence:

Hall accommodation on the campus is allocated to each foreign student on a session basis according to his/her program of studies.

ã Standard rooms have a bed, a large table or desk, a closet, shelves and a bathroom sink. Others include a shower and toilets. Some of the rooms are individual, others are shared with other students.

Accommodation fees amount to between 350 €/month and 450 €/month. Foreign students can apply for a housing subsidy (called APL "Allocation Personnalisée au Logement") except students who have a temporary exemption from residence permit (“dispense temporaire de carte de séjour”).

Sports and Hobbies:

  The AGE (Association Générale des Etudiants) includes 17 associations and 19 commissions which manage many varied activities such as sport, socio-cultural commissions, relations with other schools, parties, etc.

They provide all the necessary information regarding student activities on the campus.


LaSalle Beauvais offers 3 Master degree levels:

- Ingénieur en Agriculture, a Master degree in Biorenewable resources, food industry, management

- Ingénieur en Alimentation et Santé, a Master degree in Nutrition and Health

- Ingénieur en Géologie, a Master degree in Geology and Environment

Professional Network

LaSalle Beauvais' originality lies in its ability to develop professional skills through internships and conventional teaching as well as through the personal commitment of its students to the local community and the worl at large.

Our Alumni are also managers, recognized for their all-round excellence, and their leadership and team-building qualities.

Important Dates

Students can apply for Picardy Region Phileas grant.

Accoording to the excellence of the applicant, an application for an EIFFEL grant can be proposed.

They can apply for APL ( a grant for housing) 


The costs per year are different according to the diplomas.

See on Master description.

Available master
Student Life

The campus is central to the learning experience of each and every one of our students. The group-focused teaching methods used help students to develop collective thinking and to grow as individuals. Every international student is mentored by a French buddy student, via the student association 'Com Internationale', who introduces them to the campus and student activities to ensure fullimmersion in French culture and life.

The classrooms, lecture theatres, labs, documentation library, computer rooms, experimental plots and sports facilities are located on the 10 hectare campus near residences (800 apartments) and dining halls, which is adjacent to a 30 hectare wood and a 200 hectare experimental farm.

Over fifty clubs ans societies offer a wide range of activities including music, theatre, wine-tasting and photography, plus sports such as handball, volleyball, basketball, rugby, football, squash, badminton, tennis, gym, cycling (bikes available) and horse riding, etc...

In addition of this offering, the academic year is punctuated by events, withsome gathering up to 3,000 people such as the Nuit de l'Institut (LaSalle Beauvais' gala ball), the Ovalies Tournament ( a major European university rugby tournament sponsoring humanitarian causes), junior Enterprise conferences and the graduation ceremony.

LaSalle Beauvais is renowned for its open and welcomming culture and attracts a broad mix of students from diverse backgrounds. The institution has made teh necessary adjustments to be able to welcome disabled students through the "TOTAL" handicap project.

Accommodation fees
Some figures

In 2014/2015 LaSalle Beauvais has received 120 students from 31 different countries. They participated in academic exchanges, the French engineering diploma or Master programmes, internships, semester or summer programmes. The international students come from the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Partnership with n+i

 LaSalle Beauvais has active agreements with over 110 higher education institutions all over the world. 40+ in Europe, 20+ in North America, 10+ in Latin America, 10+ in Africa and the Middle East, 10+ in Asia and 10+ in South East Asia and Oceania.

Double diplomas exist with international top universities such as Wageningen University (NL), ESALQ (BR), PUC Santiage de Chile (CL), Universidad de LaSalle Bogota (CO), Université de Québec à Chicoutimi (CA).

Degree awarding mobilities are possible at Imperial College at Cranfield University (GB), University Ramon Llull LaSalle Barcelona (ES), University Laval (CA), University of Canterbury (NZ), University of Iceland Reykjavik (IS), University of Glasgow (GB). 

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