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IFMA - Institut Français de Mécanique Avancée
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IFMA - French Institute for Advanced Mechanics.

Advanced Mechanics  means the sciences and techniques which enable the design, construction and management of advanced mechanical systems.

IFMA is a public institution, created in 1991,under the authority of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. It is accredited by the Engineering Diplomas Commission to award the IFMA engineering diploma (Master level).

An important facet of IFMA is the IFMA Foundation, composed of industrial companies, national and regional bodies, etc. The Foundation plays a major role in terms of strategic orientation, funding various activities and events, and so on.

Some key facts
- 719 engineering students and 40 apprentice engineers, plus 62 PhD students.

- 14 638 098 e-mails transit via the IFMA mail server every year, which is over 40 000 per day.

- 583 computers, of which 58% devoted to teaching

- 132 engineering students currently abroad for their study and internships

- 98 full-time (including 28 permanent academic research staff) and 76 part-time employees.

- 56 Erasmus+ university agreements

- 204 IFMA engineers graduated in 2013; a total of 2699 graduates since 1995

- 63843 student hours in practical work and projects in the Technology Transfer Centre

- Member of the INSTITUT MINES TELECOM group since January 2010   

- ISO 9001 accreditation since August 2012






IFMA is an engineering school situated in Clermont-Ferrand, in the beautiful Auvergne "volcanic park" region of central France, in a landscape of mountains, forests and lakes. Clermont-Ferrand is 3 hours from Paris by train (45 minutes by plane) and 2 hours from Lyon by car. It is a city with a total of 38,000 students in 2 universities and 5 engineering schools, which collectively form "Clermont Université".

IFMA is on the Cézeaux sciences campus, very conveniently connected to the city centre by the tram network (trams every 5-6 minutes).


A strong aspect of the IFMA identity is its combination of high-level scientific and technical studies, with frequent contact with industry, and a full complement of "soft skills" courses, designed to allow the IFMA graduate to be immediately operational in the real world of industry, with all its component human and social aspects.

IFMA students choose from three scientific and technical departments:

Materials and Structures (St2M)
Design of systems with demanding mechanical requirements

Machines, Mechanisms and Systems (MMS)
Mechanical and mechatronic design

Industrial Engineering (SIL)
Design, organisation and management of production and

In addition, some 25% of teaching units concern Management, Personal development, Economic and social development of organisations, Acquisition of analytical tools, Mastery of two foreign languages and Intercultural studies.



Professional Network

A very important aspect of the IFMA programme is extensive contact with industry. Students carry out two obligatory industrial projects as well as internships in companies representing a total of 8 months' experience.

The IFMA Foundation was at the origin of the project to establish a mechanical engineering school in
Clermont-Ferrand. Composed for a large part of industrial companies (Renault, Michelin, Peugeot Citroën; Schneider, etc.), it provides a constantly upgraded two-way contact with the industrial world.
The Foundation's charter:
- Favour the personal development of engineering students
- Maintain close contacts with enterprises
- Take into account the needs of industry in the Institute's pedagogical programme
- Participate in the elaboration of orientations in teaching, research and recruitment
- Develop a privileged relational network between enterprises and IFMA engineers



IFMA started receiving n+i students in 2008. The first two graduated with the IFMA engineering diploma in June 2010, and now we have 2 or 3 per year who graduate.

Important Dates

Our "n+i" recruitment deadlines are the same as for the n+i network - one session in December, and the second in February / March.


- "n+i" students may sometimes benefit from French Embassy grants.



The consolidated cost of one student at IFMA for one year is now 15,552 euros. However, the IFMA Board of Governers awards a specific dispensation for incoming mobility, so that the annual tuition fees actually charged to n+i students amount to just 1650 euros. This fee has not changed since we started receiving n+i candidates in 2008.

Available master
Student Life

The Cézeaux campus, where IFMA is situated, is a thriving hub of student activities, including sports, social and cultural events, parties, etc.

IFMA students have numerous clubs and associations, covering music, cinema, various sports, motor sport activities (rally, go-karting, motorcycling), charities and even wine-tasting.


Students in the "n+i" system are accommodated (if they wish) in one of the campus student residences, no more than a 5-minute walk from IFMA.

Accommodation fees

A simple student room starts at around €140, taking into account the state housing subsidy, which all students, no matter what their origin, are entitled to once their residency documents are in order.

Other, more luxurious, options are also available, of course.

Some figures

IFMA currently has over 50 international students, from India, China, Brazil, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Morocco, Tunisia, Vietnam and Spain. Some of these are on diploma courses, others on shorter credit exchange programs or project internships.

So far, 96% of our international students on diploma courses have graduated with their IFMA Engineering Master's degree.

Partnership with n+i

IFMA  started receiving n+i students in 2008. The first two graduated with the IFMA engineering diploma in June 2010, and we now graduate two or three per year.


Due to our very high outward mobility level (all IFMA students spend at least 1 semester abroad), we have  long-standing relations with dozens of international universitites and institutes. Around 25 of these have been formalised by written exchange agreements.

IFMA also has 56 Erasmus+ agreements with partners in Europe.

IFMA has a double diploma agreement with the National Civil Engineering School of Hanoi, and other similar agreements are under construction with Brazil, Canada, Portugal and Spain.



Official website
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