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ENSAIT, a Leading European Engineering School "Grande Ecole"

Founded in 1889, the ENSAIT " l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles ", trains 75 % of French textile engineers to post graduate levels. ENSAIT engineers have a high scientific level and are general practitioner engineers initiated to the realities of an economic globalisation and endowed with real aptitudes for innovation.

Students entering ENSAIT possess a two year undergraduate Scientific and/or Technological University qualification (Bac+2). Most of them come from Special Preparatory Schools, and are admitted after the National Entrance Competitive Examinations to "Grandes Ecoles". At the ENSAIT they follow an additional three year engineering training programme, either a traditional training or an alternating education, which develops in the future engineer a triple culture :

A sound and diversified scientific culture

A Social Sciences Culture focussing on languages and communication

A textile technology culture which provide graduates with innovative capacities and prepares them for international challenges.

Alternating Education and Industrial Placements, in Europe and all around the world, as well as Research works within the GEMTEX (Génie et Matériaux TEXTiles) laboratory, make the ENSAIT a key factor for the expansion of textile related jobs/carriers opportunities.

ENSAIT is in Roubaix, 10 km far from Lille (20 minutes by subway).  The Lille's metropole has 1 milion of inhabitants. The Lille's metropole is in the north of the France at 1 hour by train from Paris, London and Brussels.

First preparatory training, intensive training course in French language (duration of 2 months during summer) in a language center in France.

"period of Transition" in ENSAIT for the formations in the scientific field: scientific and technological level, French language (technical vocabulary) and Textile basic knowledge - Duration: 6 months, from September to february.

Engineer Formation in ENSAIT: development and master of the language and French culture - In the field of textile engineering, deepening of scientific and technological competences acquired during the former formation in the student’s country of origin. The student select one of the two specializations :

# Technical textile and Advanced materials with Chemistry option or Mechanics option

# Design and Management of the Distribution

Professional Network

This formation makes it possible to occupy management positions, in France or abroad, in companies or organizations in sectors such as : traditional and technical textiles, composite materials (automobile, aeronautics...), research and development, retail, quality, info-design... Possibilities in particular with French companies that have subsidiaries in the country of origin of the student.


ENSAIT made party of the n+i network since 2003.

ENSAIT accomodate between 1 and 3 n+i students each year.

Important Dates

The recruitment via n+i starts one year before (see n+i calendar with 2 sessions).

We accomodate foreign students from double diploma and n+i in the begin of september and from exchange semester  around february.


We ask for the best and motivated candidat the EIFFEL scholarship. In 2008, we succed to obtain a EIFFEL scholar for mexican student


Academic costs

  • 3200 euros for first year (M1), including the continuation of the local PIM services (between september and december) with the tutoring by french student (26h) and professor (20h) between january and may.
  • 900 euros for 2d year (M2)

The french social security are include

Master disponible
Student Life

The student group is in charge of student life at the ENSAIT.

They organize parties, trips in europe (Amsterdam, London...).

There are several associations: ENSAIT Fashion, Coloril, ENSAIT Solidarity, theatre club, music club, ENSAIT sport (dance, basket ball, rugby, football, volley ball, tap-dancing...)

Do not hesitate to check the following link:


ENSAIT has got an agreement with CROUS for student accomodation in dormitories. square meter for each room: 10-15m2

They are located in Lille (20-25 minutes far from school) or Villeneuve d\'Ascq (40 minutes far from school). It costs around 130-200 euros for one month, all charges included. International relations office can book rooms for students.

Accommodation fees

For an accomodation in Roubaix, you will have to look after a flat by yourself with the help of CROUS of Roubaix. A 1 room flat costs between 280 and 400 euros (according the availaibilities)

Students with a Student Temporary Resident Permit card (obtained with a 3 month visa) are allowed to get the housing benefit.


Some figures

The number of french students recruited is up 52.5%. The 2008 intake (first year) includes around 120 students.

The professional situation of ENSAIT students is stable. Indeed, one year after finishing their studies at ENSAIT , the majority of them (68% for the 2005 intake) are on permanent work contracts.

Partnership with n+i

Since 2003 around 15 students from China, Thailand... have been welcomed at the ENSAIT within the framework of n+i program.

ENSAIT participated to the meetings and travels abroad in order to extend the partnerships with foreign universities all around the world and to promote the french education abroad.

Our wish is to develop the interest of foreign students for our school thanks to n+i program.


ENSAIT has exchange agreements with the following universities, a lot of them are members of AUTEX network (Association of Universities for TEXtiles) :

Germany : DWI - RWTH Aachen ; ITA - RWTH Aachen ; TU Dresden ; Fachhochschule Niederrhein
Belgium : University of Gand
China : The HONG KONG Polytechnic University ; University of DONG HUA
Egypt : Cairo University Faculty of Engineering ; UFE Université Francaise d'Egypte
Spain: UPC Terrassa
USA: NCSU: North Carolina State University ; University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth ; Philadelphia University
Finland : Tampere University of Technology
United Kingdom : The University of Manchester Department School of materials / Textiles and Paper ; Heriot Watt Edimbourg
Greece: TEI (Technological Educational Institution) Piraeus
Hungary: Budapest university of Technology and Economics
India : NIFT National Institute of Fashion Technology
Italy : Politecnico di Torino
Japan : University of Shinshu
Lithuania: Kaunas University of Technology
Morocco: ESITH - Casablanca
Mexico: UDLA Universidad de las Américas
The Netherlands :Universiteit Twente - Enschede ; Hogeschool Van Amsterdam
Poland: Technical University of Lodz
Portugal : Universidade do Minho
Czech Republic : Technical University of Liberec
Romania: Technical University Gh. Asachi IASI
Russia : SUTD
Slovenia: University of Maribor
Sweden: University of Boras
Tunisia: ENIT ; ENIM
Turkey: Ege University ; Istanbul Teknik Universitesi


A specialized master "Business and Innovation in fashion" has been developped in collaboration with IAE Lille Management School and IFM Institut Français de la Mode (the center in France for training, research and expertise in the fashion-design and creative industries)

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