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CentraleSupélec is leader in training multi-disciplinary engineers in France and ranked n°2 in engineering graduate ‘Grandes Ecoles’ national rankings.

CentraleSupélec is the merger in January 2015 of Ecole Centrale Paris founded in 1829 and Supélec founded in 1894.

Our French ‘Grande Ecole’ is an internationally-reputed Higher Education and Research Institution. Its excellence lies in its combination of fundamental and applied sciences for innovation with societal impact. 

Its main purpose is to train engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century and to shape highly qualified managers and doctors to work in business and research in both the private and public sectors.

CentraleSupélec has three campuses: Rennes in Brittany, Metz in Lorraine and Paris-Saclay near Paris.

Through the n+i network, you can join the CentraleSupélec - Supélec engineering programme in Power systems, Telecommunications, Electronics, Signal Processing, Control systems and Computer science. The programme is taught in French.

If you join the Supélec engineering programme, you will spend the first semester in Rennes and the following three in Metz, Paris-Saclay or Rennes, depending on the specialty you choose.

CentraleSupélec offers similar master's level programmes such as the Accelerated Engineering Degree Programme enabling international students to get one of CentraleSupélec's general engineering degrees - Centrale Paris or Supélec. The programme is taught mainly in English. For more information, visit:

NB This year the application process to CentraleSupélec will include an entrance exam. This exam is common for students coming through n+i and through the Accelerated Engineering Degree Programme. The deadline to apply online to CentraleSupélec is set to October 27th, 2017.




Paris-Saclay campus

3, rue Joliot-Curie

Plateau de Moulon

91192 GIF-SUR-YVETTE cedex


       Rennes campus

Avenue de la Boulaie

C.S. 47601

35576 CESSON-SEVIGNE cedex


      Metz campus

2, rue Edouard Belin

Metz Technopôle

57070 METZ


Housing on campus is available on the three campuses.


Professional Network

CentraleSupélec has strong links with world-class companies through:

       CentraleSupélec Job Fair: more than 200 companies

       Job Fairs in China, Brazil, Germany and UK

       Centre for career and internships

       Conferences held by companies, factory visits, field trips.

       Student-run consulting firms                                                        



Our admission process has two stages: the first one through n+i network and the second one through an international entrance exam website
Step 1: Selection of application files: From August until October 27th 2017, register and upload the requested documents on following n+i registration procedure.
Step 2: Entrance examinations: If your application file is selected by the jury, by November 6th 2017, you will be informed on your personal nplusi page about the application process to CentraleSupelec.
Depending on your academic background, you will have to take maths/physics/mechanical engineering/electrical engineering exams.


Important Dates
For n+i candidates, the recruitment calendar is as followed:
  • Beginning of August – October 27th 2017 – "online application" and "official form" must be completed on the nplusi website (Step 1)
  • By November 6th 2017 – If your file is selected by our jury, register to the written and oral exam online (Step 2)
  • November 20th – 24th 2017 – Take the written and oral test in one of our exam centers. Depending on your academic background, you will have to take maths/physics/ mechanical engineering/electrical engineering exams.
  • December 5th 2017 – Award of Excellence Scholarships for outstanding students
  • December 7th 2017  – Offers are confirmed to n+i candidates
  • December 10th 2017 – If successful, receive our invitation to join the programme
  • By January 15th 2018 – Confirm your place in the programme

This year CentraleSupelec will award scholarships for 12 outstanding students reducing tuition fees to 9,000€/year (instead of 15,000€/year). 


From AY 2018-2019, tuition fees at CentraleSupelec will amount to 15,000 euros/ year.

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Student Life

Enjoy more than 150 student clubs and organizations: sports, arts, culture, society,  conferences, entrepreneurship, business-orientated, international…


More than 10 types of housing: Single rooms, studios, shared apartments… for on average €400 per month

Please have a look at the following address :

Accommodation fees

Please have a look at the following address :

Some figures

More than 250 international students are admitted each year, either on exchange programs or through our national entrance exam or individual applications

Most of them graduate after 2 or 3 years at CentraleSupélec

Partnership with n+i

CentraleSupélec has been a member of the n+i network for more than ten years. More than 150 students have been admitted through it.

Official website
Visit the official website at

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