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ENSIL-ENSCI : a polytechnic engineer school

ENSIL, founded in 1992, is a state-owned advanced engineering school in Limoges, and is part of Limoges University. ENSIL’s objective is to train multi-skilled engineers to a high scientific and technical level. About 150 students graduate every year in four different disciplins :

Water and environment 

Electronics and telecommunications 



Industrial Ceramics

ENSIL-ENSCI is entitled to grant the engineering diploma through its recognition by the CTI ( Engineers’ Diploma Commission ) and is supervised by the Higher Education and Research Ministry.

ENSIL-ENSCI is very proud of its diverse international intake (France, Europe, North Africa, Asia, ,the Far East…). Students are required to learn two foreign languages and many international exchanges have been developed ( 65 partnerships with foreign schools and universities exist at present).

ENSIL-ENSCI students are trained in management, human resources and communication as well as law and finance therefore increasing their adaptability in the workplace. They quickly find employment (normally within two months of graduating) due to a comprehensive working knowledge of the world of industry developed through a total of 12 months of industrial placements during their three year course, plus numerous individually tutored industrial projects.

 An ENSIL-ENSCI engineer will be able to:

apply for positions of responsibility both in research and development and production

adapt to various situations, to understand others, to manage projects and motivate team-members.

work in an international context.

ENSIL has, at present, a network of more than 2500 graduate engineers. The alumni society helps ENSIL engineers to find employment and maintains a close interest in their careers and helps reinforce the links between the school and industry.


ENSIL-ENSCI  is situated on ESTER Technopole park of Limoges (Haute vienne 87).

LIMOGES is the capital of Limousin, a region in the center of France. Situated at a crossroads on the major European road networks, Limoges lies in the middle of the longest section of toll-free motorway in the whole of France. It is located at 300 km in the south of Paris and 300 km in the north of Toulouse, and about 250 km at the north-east of Bordeaux. 

ESTER is a centre for resources and exchanges, combining industry, research and training on the same site and offering the best conditions for bringing innovative projects to fruition. Established in 1991, the technopole already numbers 150 companies and 1,500 jobs. The certification of two of the Limousin region’s competitiveness clusters is confirmation of the quality of the skills developed on the site in several fields of know-how:

  • ceramics, materials and surface treatments,
  • biotechnologies and health
  • water and environment
  • electronics and telecommunications
  • engineering.

ENSIL-ENSCI is located in close proximity to Limoges center with direct access to the motorway, close to Limoges - Bellegarde Airport and Limoges-Bénédictin railway station (in french).


ENSIL-ENSCI - Ecole d'Ingénieurs de Limoges

Parc ESTER Technopole

16 Rue Atlantis



How to get to ENSIL: 


ENSIL-ENSCI is a relatively young engineering school (created in 1992) and therefore, is a very modern, dynamic and well-equipped engineering school in France. 

The existence of four different departments in a common building presents the advantage of a wast knowledge base for our students.

The extensive relations with industrial firms make our courses very dynamic and up-to-date.


Professional Network

Situated at the heart of ESTER Technopole ( a science and technology park ) the school has many connections with industry and actively participates in research within four competitive sectors: ELOPSYS, the European Ceramics Centre, InnoViandes, Viaméca.
Open to the business world, ENSIL lays the emphasis on the professional relevance of its teaching, as indicated by the number of lecturers drawn from the world of business and industry, which currently stands at 30%.  


See the n+i schedule for the registration process.

Important Dates

For application deadlines please see the n+i web site.

We accept students at the start of the academic year.  You are strongly encouraged to apply in time for the first session of recruitment in order to maximise your chances of obtaining a grant.


 A scholarship funded by Limousin district is possible (to be applied for). The amount is upto 6000 euros.

Master disponible
Student Life

With some 20,000 students, LIMOGES is a genuine university city. Rents remain at reasonable levels and the Centre Régional des Œuvres Universitaires provides a wide range of services.

 HOUSING: 17 residences ; 2822 bedrooms ; 1400 offers a year available at the office for town housing ‘Logement en ville’ to be seen.

FOOD:  8 restaurants, cafeterias and others structures to eat and drink ; 2.90 euros single student restaurant ticket.

SCHOLARSHIPS: A budget worth 14.000.000 Euros ; 6000 scholarships allocated on social criteria ; 70 scholarships allocated on qualities.

SOCIAL: 4 social workers on the studying places: welcoming, helping, informing, orienting students....

EMPLOYMENT: 700 offers per year.

INTERNATIONAL: Welcoming and managing scholarships for foreign students (French government grants, grants of scholarships allocated by the student home country government, grants or scholarships allocated by international and non governmental organizations).

Once you are admitted to ENSIL you should contact Marlène Frugier  ( who will provide you with all the details and help necessary for your accommodation. And you can find help and  more detail with the BAI (contact:


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