ENSGTI - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Génie des Technologies Industrielles

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ENSGTI is a department of the University of Pau (UPPA). Since it was created in 1970, the UPPA is characterised by its multi-discipline nature, its human scale size and its strong involvement in the regional economic and social world. ENSGTI is a “Grande Ecole”, Engineering School, specialized in Chemical/Process Engineering and Energetic.


Pau (city of Henry the 4th, one of the kings of France) is a 100-150 000 inhabitant beautiful city situated in the South West of France, one hour by car from Spain, mountains (Pyrenean mountains) and Ocean.

Our engineering school is situated on the university campus of Pau (11000 Students).



ENSGTI is an Engineering School which is considered as department of the University of Pau. There is a reduced number of students: 65 per year. 50 % of our students are allowed to enter after a national concourse and 50 % are allowed to enter with a diploma : professional (DUT) or academic (level L2-L3). Therefore, 3 years in ENSGTI are necessary to obtain the French Engineer’s degree.

In parallel with theoretical training, internships are an important and integral part of the Master’s degree in ENSGTI. Students carry out two internships (30 weeks). The preparation for the socioprofessional field includes also professional conferences, projects and theoretical bases in management, human resources, employment law …

Professional Network

Our engineers are highly appreciated by many manufactures. ENSGTI and laboratory adjoining to the school (LaTEP : Laboratoire de Thermique, Energétique et Procédés )  work in close collaboration with many industrial partners :TIGF, IFTS, Thermya, GDF, IFP, Total, Turboméca, Astrium/EADS, ...


Important Dates

Scholarships for foreign students are not available .


For international students, the cost in our high school are:  2600 euros for the first year (M1)  and 1000 euros for the second year (M2) . 



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Student Life

ENSGTI is situated in the UPPA campus and students are placed in the heart of an environment where education, research, culture, sport and leisure blend together.

The UPPA Campus is much more than a place for study, they are places for living where students can find facilities and services adapted to their everyday life : general and specialised libraries ; Student Culture Centres ("Maisons de l'étudiant") ; Careers and Guidance Services ; Internet Access rooms ; more than 40 Sporting and Outdoor Activities (sea and mountains) ; a wide and varied cultural programme throughout the year ; quality advisory and counselling professionals for student health.


International students have the opportunity to rent a room or apartment in CLOUS. University residences are near the school.

Accommodation fees

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Some figures

In 2010 , six international students (~10 % from students) obtained the French Engineer’s degree.

Partnership with n+i

Situated near the Spanish border, ENSGTI has a particular vocation to develop its relationship with Spain but also with the rest of the world. We have most that 25 ERASMUS partners (European community partners), many universities - partners in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia...

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