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EISTI has two campuses, in Cergy and Pau. They confer the same diploma. An Eistien can choose where to study and change campus at any time. E-learning and visio-conferencing ensure consistency. Every Engineer found full-time employment after graduation.

Our diploma is recognised by the state and the engineering accreditation board, the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI) to deliver the Engineering diploma. Our 52 permanent Professors supported by 110 specialized professors keep a watchful eye on the evolution of knowledge. The teachers are enriched by technological and scientific innovations as vital parts of today’s market.

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CERGY Campus

PAU Campus

Venir à l'EISTI de Cergy 

Avenue du Parc,
Tel number:
  (33) 1 34 25 10 10 
Fax number: (33) 1 34 25 10 00



Venir à l'EISTI de Pau



2 boulevard Lucien Favre - CS 77563,
64075 PAU Cedex 
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Fax number: (33) 5 59 30 53 71







EISTI ensures multidisciplinary training. The career of an Engineer depends on his/her capacity to stay up-to-date with technological evolution, to understand the evolution of organizations and to master management techniques. In the future, an Engineer may often change jobs, structure and specialty. The training given by EISTI enables on to adapt to these demands and to have diverse opportunities.

The major assets that make EISTI innovative are:

  • Personalised tutoring
  • Visio conferencing and e-learning
  • Attention and solidarity
  • Learning and Anticipating
  • Multiple Degrees
  • Rigour and openness
  • Personalised curriculum and team projects
  • High-tech equipment
Professional Network

Our conception of partnership is very open: EISTI facilitates contact between companies and students as much as possible.

Our business partners offer to instruct courses in their respective specialization, to hold conferences on different aspects of the career of an engineer, internships etc… Technical partnerships are established when companies propose subjects for End of Studies Projects (PFE), internships and job offers which are immediately passed on to our network of alumni.


Foreign students holding a Bachelor degree or equivalent in engineering are eligible to apply for the "n+i" program to study during 2 academic years in the EISTI engineering program corresponding to the 4th and 5th years of higher education to obtain the “diplôme d’ingénieur” which is a Master’s degree.

After their packages of integration, especially adapted for them, the "n+I" students follow normal courses with their French fellow students during the last 3 semesters of the French engineering degree program (4th and 5th year in higher education).

A two-year program leading to the Official Master Degree (French national diplôme d\'ingénieur).

Important Dates

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Scholarships are available for foreign students. If you are interested, please visit the following website:


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Master disponible
Student Life

Student Life:

Studying at EISTI is to study at a school where preparatory class students and engineering students live side by side and participate in many activities together. For each it is the ideal way to be part of school life.
There are 23 associations in the 2 campuses that organize many projects with other “Grandes Ecoles” and Universities.

Annual Gala in November

Annual Gala at which degrees are conferred in the presence of parents, professors, the Administration Council, EISTI’s partner institutions, universities and professionals.




Accommodation facilities:

If you are interested to book a room, please contact the international office as soon as possible at


EISTI can book rooms or studios in Students halls for foreign students.

Les chateaux St Sylvère: Quartier Croix St-Sylvère - 95014 Cergy-Pontoise

This residence is located 5 minutes by foot from EISTI. The rent per month is 360 € less CAF allowances. A washing machine is available for all students with a ping pong table.

Neuville : La Boucle de l'Oise - 8 Mail Gay Lussac - 95031 Cergy Pontoise cedex.

The residence is located close to the station train from Neuville University. You can go to EISTI by bus (5 minutes). The rent per month is 428 € less CAF allowances.


Accommodation fees
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Partnership with n+i

EISTI is also a member of the network n+I which brings together 60 French Engineering Schools. It trains future engineers who desire to work internationally and facilitates their departure to integrate a foreign partner university to complete a training course or for an internship in a research laboratory. This network also helps foreign students, who have a Bachelor diploma, wishing to enter a French engineering school.

Since 2005, EISTI welcome international students in the n+i framework.

Since 2013, EISTI organizes its own semester called PIM (Methodological Package Integration) in computer science specialization, from September to December.




EISTI has partnerships with a number of Universities which allow students to obtain a double diploma (Masters of Science) or to achieve an international mobility trough ERASMUS, CREPUQ or bilateral exchange programs. EISTI has partnership with:

In Europe: Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

In North America: Canada, United States

In South America: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia.

In Asia: Japon, Vietnam, India, China.



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Marie-Josée LAMERRE