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ENSICAEN (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieur de Caen) is a national graduate school of engineering authorized to award the Ensicaen Master of Engineering degree (equivalent to Master’s degree), acknowledged by the French Engineering Accreditation Commission.

ENSICAEN’s students spend 8 months in internship of which 3 are spent abroad. The school is structured into 5 departments, each leading to one of 5 engineering diplomas.

ENSICAEN’s graduate students find job opportunities in the nuclear field, aeronautic, electronics, railway and automotive industry, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry, banking security …


Caen, Normandy

 A city between land and sea

Traditionally known for its history and culture, CAEN is an attractive place to study, between land and sea and only 2 hours from Paris. At the heart of a metropolitan area of over 400 000 inhabitants (Caen and its surrounding area) including 25 000 students, Caen is close to many major historical and cultural sites including the D-Day landing beaches, the Memorial for Peace and the Mont-St-Michel.

Caen is an attractive city for all kinds of sporting activities (on land and on water), its art galleries and historical museums, as well as music festivals. The area also offers :

  * Theaters, concert Halls, cinemas, shopping centers,

  * A football stadium, home to the Caen national League 1 team

Caen is a city of innovation and challenge, committed to the high-tech industry and offering all the major subject areas in further education and research.


ENSICAEN in the heart of the scientific campus of Caen

ENSICAEN is located in the heart of "Campus 2", the science campus of Caen. Other laboratories like CYCERON (Neuroscience and medical imaging), GANIL (National heavy ion accelerator) and the University laboratories are located close to our main building.

In the same area, you will find the ESITC (Higher school for civil engineering), the Science Faculty of the University of Caen, and nearby an industrial technopole including NXP, Presto Engineering, France Telecom R&D, as well as the University Hospital and one of the region’s cancer institutes.

A shopping center is located near the campus and the university residences.

Campus 2 is connected to the city center and the train station by an extensive tram and bus network.



ENSICAEN prepares highly trained engineers in competitive courses with a good experience of the industrial world. A large and dynamic network of partners has been established around the courses.

Our partnerships with leading industrial groups and foreign universities throughout Europe, America and Asia allow our students to keep up to date with state of the art innovative technologies.

Professional Network

ENSICAEN’s industrial activities …

-          improve employment and intership opportunities for its students

-          promote key ENSICAEN technology transfer

-          have a network of scientific experts

-          encourage and develop innovation

-          provide technological advice

-          promote industrial partners’ clubs in security banking, energy, instrumentation

-          offer adult education

ENSICAEN, partner in 3 Competitiveness Clusters

TES (Secure Electronic Transactions)

Relying on cooperation from business, as well as research and training institutions, the TES cluster has chosen to take on this challenging project, necessitating the command of a global issue involving technological innovation and usage, marketing and legal expertise, to develop an international site.

ENSICAEN is a key player in this cluster. The only one of its kind in France, the e-banking platform is an essential tool for advanced learning and its research project is initiated by local industrial partners in the field of e-banking and electronic transactions.


The role of this cluster is to develop R&D projects concerning collective passenger transport and road mobility, contributing to regional economical development, hence reinforcing the international competitiveness of its members.

NUCLEOPOLIS  "Nuclear science and its applications"

(Health and energy) : with 51 partners, this cluster’s aim is to promote Normandy to the rank of European leader in this sector. In our region, it directly involves more than 10 000 jobs, and represents a strong network linking schools, universities, training centres, research institutes and businesses.


We are a new member of n+i network
Important Dates

Recruitment takes place from March to June

Beginning of the year is on next September

Yes The overall cost of a year is 10 000 euros. Scholarships from french government, region and ENSICAEN are given for 7 000 euros. N+i student has to pay 3 000 euros
3 000 euros
Master disponible
Student Life

At ENSICAEN, we encourage students to fully enjoy all aspects of student life, including active participation in one of the 50 clubs and groups.  Thursday afternoons are set aside for extra-curricular activities, and with something to suit everybody’s interests, you’re sure to find something that’s right for you  : sports clubs, humanitarian action groups, science clubs, business clubs, drama and arts groups, and much more ... Taking part in any of these group activities can boost your personal and professional development, as well as broadening your horizons through trying something new. Teamwork and leadership experiences can be enriched, and you may even want to take up the opportunity of assuming an organisational role, taking responsibility for a club / group.



Accommodation in a student residence

 ENSICAEN has a number of rooms available on the campus for foreign student (within the limits of available rooms).

 Cité Universitaire Côte de Nacre (Campus 2) : 2 mn’s walk from Ensicaen.

Renovated rooms which include toilets and showers in the room + small fridge

Cooking facilities in the corridor. Computer rooms for internet connection

Price of the room - (9 m²) 248 /month as from July 2013.

Pillows, sheets and blankets not provided

Allocation de Logement Social (Housing Allowance) can be applied for.


Cité Universitaire Campus 1 : 15 mn’s by cable-car from Ensicaen

Renovated rooms which include toilets and showers in the room + small fridge

Cooking facilities in the corridor. Computer rooms for internet connection

Price of the room - (9 m²) 248 /month as from July 2013.

One month’s deposit: 175

Pillows, sheets and blankets are provided

Allocation de Logement Social (Housing Allowance) can be applied for.


Résidence Edmond Bacot (Campus 2) : 2 mn’s walk from Ensicaen.

Price of a furnished room (T1/ 20m²) : 340,50 /month

Kitchen and sanitary included.

Pillows, sheets and blankets are not provided.

Aide Personnalisée au Logement - APL (Housing Allowance) can be applied for.


Apartments in town

Estate Agent : Price of a one-room apartment from 350 /month to 450 (caretaking expenses included).


 HPE 14 : 00 33 (0)2 31 06 91 00

Résidence Les Doges : 00 33 (0)2 31 53 14 00

Résidence les Germes de Blé : 00 33 (0)2 31 46 79 00

Résidence Tempologis : 00 33 (0)2 31 46 79 00

Top Campus : 00 33 (0)2 31 47 40 41


For all accommodations, an insurance is compulsory when arriving (about 25 ).

Accommodation fees
See above
Some figures
Overall, we have 81 foreign students for a total of students of 676 (12%) Majority of them stay for 3 years to graduate. The others are here only for one year (exchange program). Each year, around 220 students graduate. Around 20-25 of them are foreign students.
Partnership with n+i


Number of agreements



Amérique du Nord


Amérique du Sud





6  Double degree agreements with 

Dublin City University (Ireland),

UNICAMP (Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil),

UnB (Universida de Brasilia, Brazil),

HUST (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China),

WUT (Wuhan University of Technology, China),

UNISA (Università degli Studi di Salerno, Italy)



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