French language

Q: Is it essential to have a good command of French to do well in "n+i" programs?
"n+i" offers more than 7 months of cultural and language course before you join French students. This gives you time to improve your level, even if it is low.  However, we recommend that you start studying French seriously before you leave, because it is a good way of proving that you are motivated. we give preference to students with higher levels of French proficiency. The better your French, the better your chances of obtaining scholarships and other forms of financial aid.

Q: What are the tests of French as a second language? Where can I take them?
There are two tests of French as a second language—the TEF and the TCF.  See “More information” and “n+i Students.”

Q: What is the minimum level in French to apply?
See "level in French" page.

Q: There is no possibility to pass a test in my Country. What can I do?
If no test of French proficiency (TEF or TCF) are available where the students are they have to provide evidence of their proficiency from an approved individual or organization (See "level in French" page). If no French proficiency test is available where you reside then you have to provide an evidence of your proficiency from an approved individual or an approved organization.

Q: When do I have to give the results to my test of French ? When is the best time to pass it ? When do I have to give the results of my French test ? When is the best time to go through a French test ?
The best is to be able to give your resuts of  the French test in your application form . But, anyway, the deadline for "n+i" to receive your results is before mid April. Pass your test as soon as possible because you need time to get the results and you should need the results to get your visa.

Q: Where can I find suitable French classes before I go to France?
Insist on high-quality French classes. Alliance Française organizations and classes offered by your university are good bets.

Q: Can I take French classes at my level once I arrive in France?
"n+i" organizes intensive summer French classes at your level, as indicated by the results of your French proficiency test. The course begins as soon as you arrive.