The "n+i" team

The members of the "n+i" team are:

TROTIGNON Jean-Pierre, Executive Director, Dr. Prof.
LUCE Aude, Head of finance and administration,
PICARD Guillaume, Head of information system and communication,
GRAND-PERRET Benjamin, Software engineer, 
GUERIN Stéphanie, Administrative assistant,
WANG WeiWei, "n+i" Correspondent for China,
MALHOTRA Golda, "n+i" Correspondent in India,
CASTILLON Thierry, "n+i" Correspondent in Latin America.
The Executive Director is appointed by the board of administration of the "n+i" network
He is responsible for ensuring the smooth running, promotion, recruitment and welcome of students according to the principles laid down by the network partners. He manages the team and the budgets.


The "n+i" team
The "n+i" team