Testimonial of Dilyaram ISMAILOVA (Kazakhstan), "n+i" short programme's student in Brest in 2014 on the thematic of the Ocean


The reason why Dilyaram choose our short programme in Brest
"I was very excited when I've received information brochure from Alliance Française regarding engineering summer program in France. Because this program included all the things I'm crazy about: French language & culture, engineering and it provide possibility to visit cosmetic industries.
"n+i" welcome in Paris 
When I've arrived to Paris I had very warm welcoming from the "n+i" team (who) helped me a lot with registration and during whole my stay in France. After enjoyable day in Paris, we spent a night in a hotel and in the morning went to Brest.
Accommodation with a French host family
I lived 3 weeks with (my host) family. My hosting was awesome. Helene and Stephane created all conditions in order to make my stay enjoyable. My French level was rapidly improved due to my host family effort. My stay was filled with care and warm, I will try to get in touch with my host family for many years further.
French language classes
During my short program I've studied French in the CIEL Language School. The teaching method was effective and I've improved my French rapidly. Also apart from general French I've improved technical French as well.
Visit of industrial sites and laboratories

Besides language courses I've visited different companies, located in Brittany. Each visiting expanded my knowledge and changed my worldview. I was amazed by "Science et Mer" company. I didn't expect that this enterprise creates formulas for famous companies such as Dior and Yves Rocher. Moreover, the Centre of Documentation, Research and expectation on Accidental Water Pollution (CEDRE) impressed me a lot and reinforced me think about water pollution more deeper.



Cultural visits
During cultural visits I've learned how to cook real French crepe and enjoyed traditional holiday in Quimper. Cultural program helped me to familiarize myself with French traditions and mode of life.


During three weeks I've improved my knowledge of French language, defined my future plans, I've made good friends and get a lot of unforgettable experience. I would like to enormous gratitude to the "n+i" team, which provided such a great opportunity."