The registration procedure

The "n+i"registration procedure is very simple, follow these steps.

1. Open and fill in an “online” application form
The “online” application form is the first stage in the registration process.
Carefully complete the form available on this site.
This stage is compulsory No other form of registration is accepted.
Please ensure you follow the instructions shown on your personal page.

2. Upload the official documents to authenticate your "official" form
When your electronic file is complete, assemble your "official" form with a all official documents or certified copies thereof as : "electronic" form printed, signed letters of recommendation, motivation letter, career project, diploma, list of marks per module, etc..). Follow the procedure that will be given on your personal nplusi page.

Do not forget to join your test language proofs and request for exemptions.
Attention: do not send this forms by air-mail. Keep you documents and bring them with you in France, it will requested by your recruiting school at your arrival !

3. Pay the activation of your application file
You must activate your application file by a payment of €50 to start the validation process.
NoteThe Network "n+i" manages registration and has signed the French Data Protection charter which guarantees the confidentiality of the information you provide.
Register for Session 1 or Session 2 to improve your chances of getting school offers, scholarships, and discount.
At that time, you can freely decide to accept the offer or cancel your registration with neither charge nor penalty.

4. Interview and MCQ
Once your application has been activated and the electronic form is completed, you will be able to be interviewed (online) and to join the MCQ test in Mathematics.
Both interview and the MCQ test are compulsory to received an academic offer.

5. Validation of your application
  1. To be processed, your application must have been activated.
  2. To be validated, your online form must be complete and correspond to the official documents uploaded, and your qualifications must be those required by the "n+i" course for which you are applying (see Who is eligible).
  3. Applications are validated by the Committee mandated by the directors of the engineering schools. The committee's decision is final and no justification will be given.
  4. As soon as your application is validated, it becomes available to the Network "n+i" partners who will then make an offer. Check regularly the schedule for deadlines and results date,
  5. The Network "n+i" can authorise persons to give their opinion on your application (after an interview for example). These opinions will be added to your application but you will not have access to them (see conditions to be signed at the end of the registration form). They will only be accessible by the persons reviewing your application (schools, companies etc.).
Tips: keep to the schedule and consult your personal web page regularly to follow results.