The total cost of the degree

The studies in engineering are very expensive all around the world because they need a well qualified staff, as well as laboratories and top equipments, which justify the high cost of these training in all countries (USA, Australia, England, France, Germany, etc.) around €15,000 a year.

Do not confuse “cost of studies” and “tuition fees”
if many countries ask the students to pay the totality of the cost of studies through “tuition fees” so € 15 000 per year, France has decided to subsidise these studies and so reduce the “tuition fees for all the French students as well as foreign students regularly registered to obtain a national degree as proposed by the Network "n+i".
The moderate costs of registration which the schools of the Network "n+i" propose thus take into account these financing (automatic scholarships) of the French State.
An example: if a student is accepted into a French school that requires €2,000 “tuition fees” per year while training costs are €15,000, it is because France directly funds the school for the difference i.e €13,000 ! As an automatic scholarship.

The cost of studying in France includes:
  • Day-to-day living expenses (housing, food) which are not affected by the type of degree,
  • Academic costs, which depend on the type of degree:
      • 1. The tuition costs,
      • 2. The cost of specific services. The specific services (packages) are offered to foreign students to help them settle in.

For more information: The cost of academic training.

In the proposal that "n+i" sends to candidates who are selected, the costs for each establishment are clearly stated (living expenses, special services and tuition fees) including any grants or subsidies.
Students therefore have all the necessary information to make their decision.
Register early increases the chances for a scholarship! Apply in Session 1!
Note 1: all costs are clearly stated on the quotation sent by the "n+i" network.
The initial quotation does not account for any exemptions. The quotation may be reduced depending on any exemptions or grants.
To ensure that the quotation is as precise as possible, please supply documents justifying exemption as early as possible.
Note 2: Costs are clearly mentioned for each school that makes an offer and for each year of training so that students can make a reasoned choice.