Package of Cultural Integration (PIC)

Welcome and guidance for Network "n+i" students

You are concerned about arriving in Paris alone
you don't speak very good French (or not at all).
Do you need to exchange some currency? How do to find a bank.
What to do if you fall ill?
Where will you live?
Will you receive help with paperwork related to living in France? (insurance, bank account, etc… )?
The "n+i" network representatives have everything planned for your arrival, administrative formalities and welcome to France.

The PIC package provide assistance for the entirety of your studies.
The welcome package includes the following services:
Note Reception of student will be made on specific dates (see schedule) on the morning. Arrival outside of official times and dates may incur additional costs.
  1. An assistance throughout your studies by the "n+i" correspondent in your school, participation to "n+i" events, advice, jobs or internship offers.
  2. A representative of "n+i" will meet you at the airport or railway station and assit you.
  3. The "n+i" network will already have taken out a special insurance in your name in case you have an accident as soon as you arrive in France or have problems that necessitate repatriation.
  4. Opening of a bank account in France in a PIL or a PIM Center.
Luggage is limited to 30kg per person and any excess will mean we have to charge you for extra transport.

There are two types of Cultural Integration Package:

The "Classic” PIC

You are welcome at Paris airport (or railway stations). The day will be dedicated to "n+i" administrative registrations, opening of your bank account, and to have a tourist discovery of Paris. You will spend a night a in shared room.

Phone cards to call home and reassure friends and family are included in your welcome bag (welcome booklet, proof of insurance, etc..).

The day after your arrival, you will be taken to your place of training: PIL, PIM or school.

Note that you must arrive in the morning on the exact day indicated by "n+i" or some services may not be provided.


In addition to the services of «Classic» PIC, you will stay for a maximum of 4 days (depending on your arrival) in Paris, in your own single room.

The Network "n+i" helps you by giving you access to an emergency assistance (24h/24), by opening a bank account on site. During the four days of your stay, you are supervised and assisted in your administrative procedures during mornings, while afternoons are dedicated to tourism (tours of Paris and Versailles, etc..) or free.

Take time to discover Paris as a « VIP »
There's no need to worry about arriving with lots of cash. Everything is prepaid! You will only have to pay for your meals (3-4€ at university restaurant).

A few days after your arrival you will be transferred to centers PIL, PIM or school.

N.B.! It is necessary to make a definitive order for this VIP package before the end of session 2 so that we can arrange it! Payment, which cannot be reimbursed, must be received before deadline! Beyond this date, VIP package reservations will be subject to availability.

You constantly have contact with a "n+i" representative who can answer all your questions

Relinquishment of the Cultural Integration Package

Students may, for personal and exceptional reasons, ask to forgo the cultural integration package.

In this case, students will not benefit from welcome, insurance or transfer services or assistance during studies in France and will not have access to placement or job offers.

An application for exemption, with reasons, must be made to Network “n+i" before the session 3 response expiry date.


  1. The exemption must be confirmed by the host school and Network "n+i".
  2. In the event of “non-welcome" by "n+i", students will not be insured until they arrive at the training centres (French language training or schools), by their own means, on the dates indicated by "n+i"!