The online application

The “online” application form is the first stage in the "n+i" network registration process.

Carefully complete the online form.
It can be completed in either English or French
Online registration is obligatory. No other form of registration is accepted.

TipsYour login and password give you access to your personal page at any time. All the information we have for you will be here. It is very important to consult your personal page regularly!
1. Creating your "n+i" account
  1. Go to the online registration page,
  2. Read the obligatory pages and validate (bottom of page),
  3. You can now create your personal online application,
  4. Choose your CONFIDENTIAL login and password and when you register we will give you an "n+i" identification code which you should keep safe as it will be required for the rest of the procedure.

2. Filling in the online form
TipsThe surname and first name used on the "online" and "official" forms must be the ones that appear on your passport!
  • The form must be filled in by you personally. Any false declaration could lead to exclusion or legal proceedings,
  • Create ONE account and fill in ONE form per student to avoid being excluded.
  • Be precise and as clear as possible when you fill in the online form as this document will be used for recruitment and to seek grants.
  • Once it is validated by th "n+i" committee, the online form will be accessible to our partners who will make their offers (courses, grants, support etc.) And will consult “on line”. Your recruitment depends on the quality of the information on your form.
  • Don't forget to include your marks, year by year, highlighting major subjects, your level of French etc.,
  • For those who graduate in 2017, if you do not have marks, then state the subjects studied,
  • Do not send forms or documents by email!
  • Don't forget to fill in your motivation letter and your career project.
Before the form is validated you can fill in or modify your form as and when you wish and log in as many times as necessary;
Once the form is validated you can “consult” it but not modify it.
You will authenticare your electronic dossier only by uploading scans of authenticating documents.