Various programmes in Engineering, Sciences and Technologies

Network "n+i" offers a complete range of degrees, trainings and experiences either taught in English or in French:

1. Pre-DI (Pre diplôme d'ingénieur, 1+3)

This programme offers the possibility to students who don't have the Bachelor prerequisites to spend one year in France to prepare their admission in a French engineering institution of higher education.

2. Pre-Master Programme (1+2)

Network "n+i" offers to the students who need it, a period of 12 months of upgrading courses in language (French and/or English), mathematics, sciences, to prepare them better for their training of Master's degree in France (better chances of success).

3. Master’s degrees

The Network "n+i" allows Bachelor holders to complete their training (2 years) for Master's degrees in science, technology or engineering in France.

4. Post-Masters

This 12-month programme offers the possibility to the students of foreign establishments to specialize in a specific field of studies after graduated from a Master degree.

5- Rendez-vous "n+i"

A 2-week (or more) programme to discover France with a unique cultural and linguistic experience associated with a new insight into scientific, technological and industrial know-how (High Tech, businesses, arts)

6. FIER-DOC (French Innovative Experience in Research)

Dedicated to master graduate as well as student finishing their master, this 5-month programme allows the candidate to have an outstanding experience of research in France.